For those of you that remember..I spent the summer in temporary housing. We sold our house in June and stayed in a townhouse all summer. I have not had my "fix" of stovebolting all summer. The best I could do was drive my bolt..which is pretty darn good anyway..

Here is my truck helping us move in looked like this until yesterday.
Pre-tear down shot

Since winter is my stovebolt season, I started it off with a bang....After a day of looks like this...

Ripped up

And this...

torn apart

I hope to have it down to the frame by next week...I would like to powder coat the frame and start working on the re-build. The wiring harness turned out to be a mess. When I disassembled the headlight buckets, all the wires were stripped of insulation. It was probably time to take the leap before I burned up the old beast....

A real live IRWIPI!
Okay, I'm dense --- what the heck is " IRWIPI" ?
Posted By: Jed Re: The saga of my 46 04/23/07 update almost back together - Sat Oct 29 2005 05:28 AM

It Ran When I Parked It.

46 in progress, you're a brave soul with far too much energy for a Friday.

Sure will be nice, when you get it back together though.
That's gonna be nice! Take lots of pictures and keep us posted. john.
Holy smoke, you did all that in one day? Took me several weekends and many cans of Silikroil to get mine down that far. Good luck with it and keep us posted.

-W it's next is where we are now!

frame and engine still on the wheels

I went out and got an estimate on Powder coating...$850 for the frame, inner fender walls, all the pans behind the grill, steering arms, and a host of other small parts...that includes sandblasting too. The guy said he would coat the parts with zinc for rust prevention before coating. Best of all, the shop is only mile away!

I don't think the price is too bad!
That is great progress. I think $850 for all that powder coating is a really good deal - especially WITH sandblasting. Good for you!
::jaw drops::
Nice work.. I remember when The Ox was like that.
I hope to have an updated photo in the morning. The frame and several boxes of parts will make the trip to the powder coating shop in the morning. If all goes well, everything should be back in 2 weeks. I have a pile of stuff in my garage now!

I hope I remember how it all goes back together!
Good grief, man! You must have burn marks all over the soles of your shoes!
You're really tearin' it up, bro' -- way to go!

Looking forward to the next set of photos.
WOW, you will have this winter project finished in

Great job.

Down to the frame!

Yah..I know, you've all seen a frame, but here it is!

Next up is to replace a few seals while the engine is out and put a fresh coat of paint on the 216. New front springs are in the works and the radiator gets dropped off next week for a little freshening up.
Wow! That's about as basic as it gets. You have one heck of a jigsaw puzzle to put back together. Keep us posted. john.
Wow!!! you must be a speed machine! I was wondering were you are getting the frame powdercoated at? I am also located in Minesota and doing a 1950 chevy restoration.
Hi! I'm one of the new guys on the Page. The engine (when it was ON the frame) looked like it had been worked on prior to your new postings. True? If so, is it and the drive train all original?

Nice wheels. Will be nice to see it all put back together. Thinking of a color yet?
Chevy Freak,

For powder coating, I am using a place Farmington called JIT powder coating. Since you are in the north metro, there is a good place in Isanti that can take care of you. I would use it but it is 60-70 miles one way. Jake 53 on this board will have the name of the place, but it is just off the main drag in Isanti. I liked the work in Isanti. They did my wheels and took good care of me. Nice guys up there.

KenZ, The drive train is all original. All I have done to it so far is hit the engine with degreaser, a power washer and a braided brush on the drill. I used some rattle can paint to brighten up the engine and used Ace Hardware BBQ grill paint on the tranny and intake.

Color? I am hoping for dark blue cab and box and black fenders, running boards.
Hello 46inprogress and Chevyfreak1822003, I am Jerry from near Sleepy Eye, MN. I am the proud owner of 1951 Chevy 1 ton, "In Progress". I hope to post pics soon. Maybe us Minnesotans can meet 1/3 of the way some day with our trucks, have coffee and shoot the B.S. Does that sound like a plan to you? Jerry. Any other Minnesotans out there?
Man 46 you certainly live up to your handle.
51 Chev 1 ton,

There are a few of on here. Back to the 50's in June would be a good spot for everyone to get together. It is a long drive from Sleepy Eye, but if we did it on Swap Meet morning, it might make it worth the trip.
46; you make me ill. It took me several years to get where you are in a couple weeks. Now I have to try to keep up! Nice work!
The fun stuff is just beginning. Good job and keep up the good work.

I got my 46 Ford Sedan project already disassembled and the frame is set up for th350 and sbc. Boy does it take up a lot of space.

An update; Springs are at the spring shop today. Front springs will need a new main spring as the eyes were worn about half through. The spring guy said the rears looked pretty darn good for being 60 years old. New bushings should fix em right up. He will tear them down and inspect them for internal damage, but it looks like I will get away with $100 worth of repairs on the rears. The fronts on the other hand will cost at least $200 to get them back in shape.

Front end is torn apart and I hope to get it into the powdercoat shop today or Monday.

Radiator will get repaired this week too.

Now I need to start thinking about the body.

What a day! Many of my parts came home today! It all turned out pretty darn nice. The frame is the best. There was very little pitting. Any pitting there is will be covered up by other parts.

Some of the other items had more rust than I thougth. When blased, I lost some metal. Again, it will all be covered up and I will be the only one who knows what has deep pits.


Misc parts

Running boards

The rebuilding now begins!
46 IP,

Nice progress.

It gives hope to me. I have yet to start.

keep on truckin, your progress is amazing.
Everything looks really great & those running boards look perfect grin

Great work! Pretty soon you'll have to change your screen name to "46 all done" grin grin

Its like you are a speed demon! "makes my back ache just to look at your progress".

Im proud of you man! grin

It has been a couple of weeks since I have updated my progress.

This thing is almost back on wheels. I need two more U-bolts and the rearend is in. That X2 math thing while ordering parts...note to self..wait 10 minutes before you press "order".

Also, the rear shackles need to be put on and then it will roll!

The engine should be going on the stand in the next week or two. If spring ever gets here, I will paint the engine and get it back in the truck.

My next major step is to CLEAN THE GARAGE. It looks like a bomb went off in here. The cold makes it hard to get the greasy dirt off the floor.

Many parts need to be put away for safety sake and to prevent damage.

Slowly but surely, progress is being made.

Sorry about the large photo size. My photo editing software is on my other computer.

Almost back on the wheels

Front shot of the frame almost back on wheels
This is great to see. I hope I can keep up the same pace as I'm about 3 months behind you. All the sheet metal is off my truck and the engine is coming out this weekend.

Keep up the great work. I hope to post some pics of my progress in the next couple weeks.
It looks GREAT!!!!!!Running boards don't have a mark on them. They are great! On the front shot are those engine splash pans? I thought I remembered a post on those but never saw any. Great job and good luck


I have the splash pans lightly bolted in place...more for safe keeping than anything. My garage is so stretched for space right now, the safe place for most of the parts is back on the truck..even if they have to come off again. The splash pans did turn out darn nice. The grease/oil makes a good rust proofing agent, so there was little or no pitting.

The running boards turned out OK. They are 5 foot wonders. When you get up close, the PC did not cover up the pitting and you can see some spot welds where the mount hardware is welded underneath.

But I was going for durability as I am building a driver...So I have to remind myself not to be so picky!

Keep at was not fun for a few weeks...but it gets better!
It has been awhile....I have been busy working on the truck instead of sitting at the computer. Here is my Do-it-yourself paint job. I made a paint booth in the garage using a large blue tarp hung from the rafters. Yep, I wore all the safety attire while painting....

Take a look.

OK, here is my attempt at using Restoration Series tractor paint from Fleet Farm. It is not show quality of course, but since I am building a driver and my pro paint job had to be put on hold, it is getting the job done....

box shot

The cab side of the box

Another coat will be applied soon, but I need to prime a pile of other parts before I break out the red again.

Here is the cab and hood sides almost stripped out...

link to cab and hood
A productive Saturday....I applied the correct color paint to the engine and hope to set it back on the frame in the next day or two. I held off on cleaning up the tranny as a T-5 is probably in the near future.
Engine is all painted.
It is starting to look like a truck again......

this is where the tear down process stopped in January.

June 23, 2006

The cab is back on the truck and bolted down. The box is set in place but I need to cut the bed boards and paint the bed strips before I am ready to mount the box to the frame.

My goal for the week is to get 2 of the three stalls in the garage back in use for parking my other car and SUV. The MRS is tired of parking outside when she has a 3 stall garage!

Engine work, bed building and starting on cab details is up also in the next week.

As for my paint job...I am sure you can tell, I did it myself. I ran out of $$ and will have to come back to the body work later. I can say that sanding priming and painting have been a rewarding experience. I wish I could paint and do body work better.

Anyways...still making progress....
I think you have done an outstanding job! I am dreaming of the day i can say the cab is back on the truck.
$34.00 worth of wood...

along with new bed strips, paint and hardware....

And a lot of time...

Cutting the boards, applying marine spar varnish, painting the bed strips all took time. But I think it turned out pretty nice for the few bucks I have invested in this part of the project. My father-in-law and I spent a couple of hours cutting the bed boards to fit. My old boards were good enough to use as a pattern.

So putting it all together is how I spent my saturday.

Best part was having my 11 year old daughter help. She likes to help when we see progress fast!
46 In Progress. Sure is coming along fast.Looking real nice. When do You sleep? grin
Great progress....I think I need a new monitor for my computer because I know you said the bolt was gonna be painted dark blue with black fenders, but on my monitor it looks
Funny how things like colors change....I still plan on blue....but in a few years. The piggy bank is almost empty. Red was cheap. I did not like the shade of blue available so IHC red it is!
An update on my truck....

With some help over in the engine/driveline section, I got the distibutor wired up correctly...

The old beast fired right up! it fun to hear it run again!

I wish the fenders were back so I could take it for a spin!!
I know the feeling got my 42 running just recently after a 6 year nap. It sounds so sweet.
Here are the latest shots of my progress..

picture of the front left, October 31

The old radiator is in for now but one is very high on the list. Before the truck hits the road, a new one had best be in place.

The engine runs but the fuel line to the tank is not hooked up yet.

Wiring final is waiting on the fenders.
interior color

The interior paint turned out to be almost white...I should have stopped and found a different color...but everything had one coat of paint, so I went with it.

Next up, the driveline install is almost done. I am installing the U-joint now and hope to button it all up in the next day or 2.

I have some interior parts coming and hope to finish the interior install this week too.

The fenders are still getting a couple of cracks welded up and have been gone since Oct. 5.
Your truck is sure looking good cool
That old 'bolt sure is looking great! How long 'til you're chugging down the road??


The engine starts/runs. I finished the driveline today with a new U-joint.

Interior parts I ordered showed up today so I can get the headliner done this week.

I hope to bleed the brakes in the morning.

If it had fenders, I could finish the wiring and have it on the road...

Spring....Around here, that means May.
It has been awhile since I have updated my saga post...I spent the weekend putting in the header. Man, was that a pain in the butt. I am a rather independent sort, so everything you see was done with two hands only. If you zoom, you can see that yes, I did scratch up some of the front header panel paint. It did not take long to figure out some touch up will be in order anyway.

The tail lights are wired up, but I need to install a good ground wire to the lights. The signals flash when properly grounded.

The truck will start and run and it is good to hear the old beast again. All I need is the fenders back...but you can't hurry a body shop!!!

Interior with header panels and cab seals in

the header is in

The start of putting the front end back together

The seat is recovered and sitting in the basement. There are a few things I need to finish off before it goes in the truck. I would hate to tear it up before I even take a ride in/on the new seat.
I thought I was moving fast but you have blown me away. I think I am going to throw up. lol. Excellent job. Don't hit the wall and keep it going. Weeds
It's looking good! Nice job so for me: as you can see from my web page, I'm still moving at a snail's pace. But moving none the less.
I am impressed 46 In Progress! Looks like a top notch job. I love that you are keeping it a daily driver instead of a garage queen. As a farmer I find it interesting that you are using IH red instead of JD green! (Just Kidding!) Love the old IH red as I have a couple of old Farmalls we also like to play with. You have done an outstanding job of documenting (pictures) of everything you have done, makes a great story and I appreciate the fact that your daughter has helped with the project too. Keep up the god work and as always.....Keep us posted!
Judgeing by your pictures "46 In Progress" wont apply much longer. Contest for a new name? How about Flash? Really nice work and FAST!
So much done so quickly, you should be proud. What did you decide on transmission, original or T-5? Is that 216 a babbitt type or newer unit? And what about shocks, original lever action, or did you upgrade?

Looking good

Thanks all..slowly but surely. The details will be the death of me!

As far as engine etc, the entire truck is bone stock. I bought a full pressure 235 thinking I might need or want to change. My 216 ran so sweet, I just could not get rid of it. GEC 52 ran into some problems with his engine so I sold the full pressure 235 to him.

I have a T-5 in the garage, but now I am not so sure I want to go that route with this truck. I might change out to 3:55's but I only live 4 miles from work so speed is not critical at this point.

Shocks are still knee action.
April 23

The truck is now wired up and ready to go. The interior is for the most part done. The dash has a couple of small items to finish.

There are a few things left to do behind the grill so the hood is just sitting on the truck.

Glass is in progress. The windshield frame is being stubborn, so it might be a couple of weeks yet.

click here for a body shot
Your truck is looking great. I am also making steady progress on mine but nowhere near the light speed you are traveling. I just got my engine in and mounted up my radiator this past weekend. Now I am waiting to get my clutch kit from Jim Carter's. The first replacement kit had the wrong spline so I had to return it. I sent in my original clutch and pressure plate to be rebuilt. Next project s rebuilding the steering box.

It has been a while since I updated this post. While this truck will NEVER be done, I thought I'd show you how things turned out. I need to add some big ticket items like new bumpers and some small ones like a windshield wiper. As always, I too must finish some odds and ends, but this truck is now back on the road. All I can say is WOW...what a project. Hard to believe that two years ago this week, I tore into the truck and had it all the way down to the frame. It is nice to have a truck that does not smell like a mouse condo in hot weather.

The MRS is not real big on me doing this again anytime soon.
"enjoy the one you have" is the theme around here!
That turned out really great!! Nice job!
NICE!! I bet if you said "honey, how 'bout I build the next one for you" you'd have another one to work on in no time.
Buy her something shiney
Posted By: ZB3 Re: The saga of my 46 04/23/07 update almost back together - Wed Nov 07 2007 05:02 PM
Thank you for all of the pics and progress reports. You are an inspiration for me to get my '52 done. I am very slow but I am ready to paint the frame and start moving the truck in the right direction. What blue tractor paint did you avoid? I am building mine for a driver and will use Van Sickle's tractor paint. I am limited to the colors they have on hand which is IHC red, Ford blue, Case power white, JD Green, etc. Have not made a final decision on color yet. Thanks again for your posts and have fun with your truck, Wayne

This is Brian from Owatonna.

It is nice to read your update in the gallery and see the latest photo. VERY NICE JOB !!!!

Looks like you have a lot of pride in this. AND you should have!!!!

I'll bet you and your family of blondes look great riding around in this!!! (Who gets to ride in the cab and who rides in the back???)

Hope to see you soon. Maybe you could cruz down to Owatonna or I could cruz up to Farmington to see it.

cell 507.456.3625
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