Posted By: Kevin13Shaw Might be time for wheels - Fri Jun 18 2021 01:15 AM
Hi Folks,

I replaced my 30 yr old Cooper tires on my 1954 Chevy 3100, and my local tire shop did not have such a good time.
- First they did not think they had any valve stems that would work, but as it ended up they did, and they worked just fine
- Then they had a heck of a time spin balancing them. but they got it done (to a point)
- Then while putting wheels on, they were torqueing the wheels down, they felt the lug nuts were going through the wheel, so they replaced them with bigger once at no charge.
- They are recommending that I replace the wheel studs, as they did not feel they were safe.

So I need to take the wheel off, and look at the studs, and find a shop that can replace them all
Lastly, I love my wheels, but wonder if I should be looking to get a new set, that look like mine.

I have attached a picture

Any know where I can get wheels that look like this?

Attached picture 20210617_194441.jpg
Posted By: EdPruss Re: Might be time for wheels - Fri Jun 18 2021 03:12 AM
They look pretty fine to me.

Posted By: 37 GC Re: Might be time for wheels - Fri Jun 18 2021 06:07 AM
they look like the typical spring hubcap vintage wheels used for tons of years. mine are 6 lug 16's on my truck. if buying just be aware there are several widths. my truck came with 3 different ones so I'm looking too. nice trim rings and hubcaps!
Posted By: Achipmunk Re: Might be time for wheels - Sat Jun 19 2021 04:21 PM
If your studs withstood the torque they use now days your studs are fine. Wheel stud holes do waller out some over the years but I've never had any problem and you say they used lugnuts with a little bigger should be good to good and probably safer than some of the spacers and offsets that are on the road!!
...keep it under a 100mph and you should be good....... ..just my .02
Posted By: Barnfind49 Re: Might be time for wheels - Tue Jun 22 2021 12:52 AM
They probably put “big bulge” lug nuts on it. Thats what I run on my 16” ford wheels too. They work great.
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