Posted By: Jon G GM Heritage Center data... - Thu Jun 10 2021 05:17 PM
I posted a link to the torque curve for a 292 engine this morning and it occurred to me some may not know about the GM Heritage Center. Here is a link:

This will tell you a lot about the 1968 Chevrolet trucks. In fact there are 129 pages to this document. If you want what GM has on other Chevrolet trucks, simply copy and paste the link I gave you (above) and change the date. For example, if you want data on the 1950 truck, then paste the link and change the year to 1950 as I've done below:

The Heritage Center has other interesting information as well. Lots of it. Here is a link to the main site:

Want a brochure from the year of your truck? Here's mine:
Posted By: DoubleDingo Re: GM Heritage Center data... - Thu Jun 10 2021 05:39 PM
Great info. Thanks for posting this up.
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