Posted By: svwilbur looking for beauty trim rings for original 15 inch - Mon Aug 29 2011 08:33 PM
I am looking for 5 beauty/trim rings for the original 6 lug 57 3100 wheels that take the 57 center caps. I need the 5ith for the spare on the side.

I have seen some on classic parts that "say" they fit but they are either stainless or chrome but just plain. as seen here stainless 2 " Beauty Ring - for 15" Original Style Rims 47-72

And here: Chrome 2 Beauty Ring-15 Repro 47-72

Both say they fit 47 to 72 15" wheels.

I like those OK but would prefer some I have seen that have 4 rings/ribs around the base of them. Like these: Ribbed beauty Trim Rings 15" 1 1/2 deep

But I see that those are 1.5 inch whereas the others from classic parts are 2 inch. How would I know if they will fit and how they would fit around the valve stem?

Does anyone know of some good trim rings that will definitely fit the stock 3100 15" wheel?

I saw some cars with this style on their wheels and a few did not come close to the valve stem, as in there was more space at the valve than you would want. It fit but did not look correct.

I would like to avoid that.

Also I would like them to appear somewhat stock or time period correct. So would that be the 2 inch plain ones?

I do not have the money for a $1000 set of Cameo style trim rings and the 55-56 version of those are offered at classic parts but they cover a little too much of the wheel for me to like.

Any suggestions?
Posted By: squeeze Re: looking for beauty trim rings for original 15 inch - Mon Aug 29 2011 09:38 PM
see how originals fit here, pic is from a set I got off an original 58, they don't have any fancy ribs, they measure a twitch over 1.5" straight across the face, might be 2" if you follow the contour or measure across the back - the ones at Classic are correct appearing and I'm sure they'd fit


Where those trim rings Stainless or chrome?

The repro hubcaps I have like that I think are chrome. Bought them about 20 years ago.

Posted By: squeeze Re: looking for beauty trim rings for original 15 inch - Mon Aug 29 2011 09:58 PM
the original rings are SS and original caps have a SS shell over a steel core - seen here, and the same set fit 15 or 16" rims ... you do know those rings have 'teeth' to hold them on and are hell on the paint?

Yes I figured that. But then the wheels are 54 years old. and were repainted 20 years ago. I was thinking of repainting them again and then putting some of those trim rings on.

I finally got some new tires this weekend to try to dress it up a bit and was thinking about the trim rings to go with them.

Got my interior almost done. I still need to work on the door paint and door panels. but the rest is done and seat is recovered and installed.

Then I need to work on the rest of the external body and paint and bed.

I will have to protect the new tires during that process.

But with the old tires I was afraid to drive on them as they were also 20 years old. And I did not want to throw money into another set of regular tires when I wanted some wide white wall tires. Not real wide just the 2 3/8 Coker type. Not exactly what you would call stock but I like them.

so there you go. not doing things in logical order again.

I decided to go with these type: (from ebay)

I orders 5 from him and kind of test fitted one on one of the wheels. Seems like they will fit nicely. I am going to remove the tires and refinish the wheels and mount new tires and then install the trim rings. I did not want to mess them up by installing and removing them.

But they look like they will fit well.

they did fit and look good with the wide white walls. l like them.
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