Posted By: svwilbur 55-57 steering column wire cover (possible source) - Wed Jul 20 2011 11:58 PM
A while back I looked and looked all over the web for a wire cover that goes on the steering column and covers the exit point of the horn and turn signal wires and I could not find one.

I was lucky enough to have someone check some old trucks in Kansas City area and find one for me.

But I just the other day see that you can get some from Corvette Central and they look like the same part as what I needed. A few of the Corvette parts end up being the same (like for the engine and stuff).

Any ways here is the part at their site: Steering Column Wire Cover New and the detail: cover item description and the location on the column: on column picture except it looks to be rotated about 90 degrees in that picture.
I have not tried that part but it looks like it is identical to the one used on the Chevy 3100 truck. At least from the pictures.

I have used them for spark plug wire clips for the oil pan and block to keep wires from the Ram Horn exhaust down pipes and stuff like that.
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