Posted By: brjr51 216 Hibernation - Sat Mar 15 2003 10:06 PM
Fired up my newly rebuilt 216 today. .030 over,insert bearings,everything balanced,John Deere break-in oil.Started right up and ran really good. Quiet and smooth. Got about 20-25 minutes at high RPM till it started getting hot(no fan on the waterpump,just a small box fan in front of the radiator).Shut it down,set the valves,and fired it back up for a little bit to set the timing.Drained the oil(nice and clean with no signs of metal.)I know Tony,no driveway break-ins,butI'm in the middle of a frame off resto so this is just the bare chassis.
At the rate I work it could possibly be over a year before I want to start this again(plan on tearing some things apart,repainting and then starting bodywork. What's some recommendations for putting this engine into a longterm storage? I plan on pulling the plugs,shooting in some fogging oil,and rotating the crank every month or so so the valve springs don't take a set. Anything else I should do?
Posted By: Dusty Re: 216 Hibernation - Sun Mar 16 2003 12:31 AM
Sounds like nice progress on that engine ,, I like the wee 216 , you can get great economy from it .
When I was working on Aircraft engines , P+W 1830 , etc, the proceedure was to run the engine in , do all the tests , drain the fuel out , inhibit the bores with a sprayed on waxy substance , fit the plugs back in , varnish the whole exterior of the engine and send it off to the stores .
The engine would be re-inhibited every 5 years , that involved pulling the plugs , turning over a couple of revolutions , and spraying more waxy preservative inside it and reinstalling the plugs .
Sometimes the engine might not be used for 20 years ! imagine the inch of wax on top of the pistons eek . When the engine was taken out of long term storage , it was stripped , cleaned and reassembled , retested , then approved for service . The airforce was a world unto it's self.
I am sure you dont need to go to those pedantic measures , I have had a 216 in storage for 6 years , just with a good spraying of oil down the bores and around the valves , it was reserrected a little while ago , fitted new plugs , fresh fuel in the carb ,,,,,, lovely runner .
Oh , yeah , valve springs take a set ??? only if they are faulty . Those 20 year storage engines were fine .
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