261 vs 292

Posted By: bigedpa

261 vs 292 - Mon Mar 03 2008 08:12 PM

i am a real rookie when it comes to the 292. i was considering a 261 for my chevy 46 1/2t as it is a direct bolt in replacement for my 216. what are the differences between the 261 and the 292. are they that different that it would be "major fabrication" to get a 292 into the 46? has anyone done this already with some real world advice!! thanks
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Re: 261 vs 292 - Mon Mar 03 2008 09:05 PM

The good news is that the 292 is a little shorter than a 235-261 and about 20% lighter. It's height is approx. the same so the fit is good. It uses the same bellhousing design as SBC V8's so all the trannys work well with it. The bad news is the motor mounts are in the middle of the block so mounts must be fabricated. If you get one from a large truck it may have the 90 degree oil filter on it and that might cause some problems as it sticks down pretty low. Nothing that a remote mount filter wouldn't cure however. I don't think your current transmission will bolt up to this engine. They are pretty powerful engines as stock and can be made to produce a great deal of power/torque with a few goodies. The lighter weight and siamesed head design make it a worthwhile swap.
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Re: 261 vs 292 - Mon Mar 03 2008 09:36 PM

one thing i wanted to point out is that one of the motor mounts on a 292 is in the middle and the other is closer to the front (cant remember which side is which but i think the pass side is the one closer to the front of the engine) if i am incorrect someone will help, or if i remember to check of my truck. but just my $.01 worth

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Re: 261 vs 292 - Tue Mar 04 2008 01:40 AM

Not that it matters since a complete new mounting must be adapted or fabricated but for you technocrats it is the drivers side that is near the front and the passenger side that is near the center.
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Re: 261 vs 292 - Tue Mar 04 2008 02:00 AM

292 has 7 main bearings. The 261 only has 4. The 261 would definetely be eazier to install with a manual transmission in a 1946. The brake and clutch pedals mount to the bellhousing on trucks till the AD body change. You would be kind of limited to transmissions with the stock bellhousing, but you could always have an adapter made to sit between the bellhousing and the transmission. An A833 (Dodge) overdrive transmission would work real well behind a 261.

I mention the dodge transmission because the input shaft on dodge transmissions is typically 1 inch longer than the input shaft on the gm transmissions, which gives you the ability to make a 1 inch thick adapter to have everything mesh correctly. You can usually hook up your stock mechanical speedo to the mopar speedo gear, and change the speedo gears to suit your axle ratio and tire size.

I will be putting a dodge NV4500 behind my 302 GMC inline 6 in my 1940 GMC. I will be able to use the stock clutch linkage, but the brakes will take some engineering.

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Re: 261 vs 292 - Tue Mar 04 2008 04:57 AM

is there a good (easy) recommended transmission swap to go with the 292 into a 46 1/2t. what are the production years on the 292?

my orig plan was a 261, stock bellhousing, clutch, and trans, w/a patricks 3:55 ring and pinion conversion.

but nothing is in stone right now, so parts and plans are easy to change.

thanks for the help
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Re: 261 vs 292 - Tue Mar 04 2008 06:02 AM

'''''''The good news is that the 292 is a little shorter than a 235-261'''''''''

Not True

''''''and about 20% lighter'''''''


according to leo santucci's inline speed book they are the same length. the 302 is longer.
the 216-235-230-250-292 are the same length. the 292 is 1.75'' taller because of it's stroke thus producing more torque and a slower reving engine compared to a 230 - 250- 261. The 292 has offset motor mounts

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Re: 261 vs 292 - Tue Mar 04 2008 06:20 AM

I guess you could put just about any transmission you like behind the 292. You are likely going to use a hydraulic clutch, for a manual transmission, so you will have to figure that part out. Once you figured out the hydraulic clutch the rest should be ez. As far as transmissions to reccomend...maybe a hybrid T5, but I would think the T5 to be light duty behind a 292. The good news is that your 46 probably won't hook to well, so the spinning of your tires will be the safety valve that keeps your transmission together. Again the A833, this time the GM version would be a great transmission, and you can find them with the gm bolt pattern so it will bolt up the the v8 style bellhousing. The hardest part of the whole 292 swap will be setting up your brake and clutch pedals.
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Re: 261 vs 292 - Tue Mar 04 2008 06:29 AM

i used an early corvette clutch arm and made a special actuating adjuster arm to fit my T5 hybrid behind my 292
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Re: 261 vs 292 - Wed Mar 05 2008 04:54 AM

There was a guy out on eBay that was selling an adapter plate that let you bolt up the 292/v8 pattern directly to a stock 50s bell housing.

I was thinking of doing that and getting the Buffalo Engineering bell housing with the welded on break and clutch pedal mount.

Anyhow I haven't gone that route yet as I still have a few 235s sitting around. That is a very simple swap and is enough power to be scary with original equipment in my 1940 trucks.

I would like to put a 292 in my 1 1/2 ton but I don't know how to stop it yet.
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Re: 261 vs 292 - Thu Mar 06 2008 03:41 AM

use a land anchor, an old ford motor pushed out the back w/ a rope to the bumper!! eeeek
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