Posted By: Scott1951 Move gas tank? - Wed Aug 25 2021 03:29 PM
I need to replace gas tank on '51 3100....does it make more sense to replace behind seat, or get kit to move under bed? I am trying to keep it original, but will not be show type care more of a driver. I have upgraded a lot of electrical that is behind the scenes so it still looks original.
Thoughts please?
Posted By: JiMerit Boltr#43 Re: Move gas tank? - Wed Aug 25 2021 03:53 PM
Would leave tank in stock location for your '51, making sure it's clean, sealed and good sending unit. If under bed then you have filler hole in cab to contend with. I did something similar on my '46, ultimately went back with stock tank. Best of luck
Posted By: Scott1951 Re: Move gas tank? - Wed Aug 25 2021 04:25 PM
Thanks - is gas sloshing around and/or smell an issue please?
Posted By: kades51 Re: Move gas tank? - Wed Aug 25 2021 05:21 PM
No. There should be no issues/problems, IF you go with a new tank and fittings. I replaced my tank, connector hoses, all that, all NEW parts, a few years ago, (during my restore), back behind the seat in original location. Been driving it almost every weekend since February 2019.....have never smelled gas, not do I hear may be sloshing, but you ain't gonna notice it. And unless you go with a new sending unit in the tank, (and Jon G on here can tell you which one to use), your gas gauge is gonna jump around and not read correct. I tried two new ones, bought from two of the different usual suspects we all use to get pieces and parts, and they were both....(you know).

Safe to say, get the sending unit Jon G DOES work correctly.
Posted By: ApacheFiend Re: Move gas tank? - Sat Aug 28 2021 07:23 AM
I had the tank in my 58' Apache cleaned up and resealed by a local radiator shop. I installed it with new rubber hoses, new sending unit with gasket, and I have had no issues with smell or sounds of sloshing. Now, finding a place to clean and seal a gas tank is not the easiest now a days, so replacement with a new tank may be a better option if yours is in bad shape.
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