Posted By: 1Ton_tommy borescope - Sat Jan 16 2021 11:37 PM
I want to have a look at the cylinder bores on my 235. Does anyone have a borescope they like and would recommend? Some offerings connect to a smart phone. That seems preferable to a dedicated screen of unknown quality.

Thanks - Tommy
Posted By: ApacheFiend Re: borescope - Sun Jan 17 2021 12:24 AM
I bought a Depstech borescope off Amazon that uses WiFi to your cell phone. It was pretty highly rated and like $35 or close to it. I have yet to use it, just played with it when setting it up on my phone. You do have to download and app to go with it. Picture was pretty clear and it does have LED lights on it. I'll add a link to it if I can find it in my Amazon history.

Depstech Endoscope []
Posted By: Thorens Re: borescope - Sun Jan 17 2021 12:38 AM
Yeah the cheap amazon ones work really good. Haven't had good luck connecting mine with wifi to a phone but it works great plugged into a tablet or laptop
Posted By: klhansen Re: borescope - Sun Jan 17 2021 02:01 AM
I have one of the cheap wi-fi borescopes. I agree it works best with a laptop. I have used it with my phone, but definitely recommend using a laptop. The phone screen is just too dang small.
Posted By: Justhorsenround Re: borescope - Sun Jan 17 2021 02:25 AM
I use mine on my iPad. Works great for a $30 borescope.
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