I'm in the process of upgrading my truck from a 216 to a 235. I have the original distributor from the 216 will it work with the 235? The engine is a 1951. Please go easy on me as i'm a novice and i'm learning as I go.
Thanks for the help...
What year 235?
Sorry its a 1951 engine.
A 1951 216 distributor into as 1951 235 engine?

The Master Parts Catalog shows two different 1951 carburetors - 216 vs 235.

Maybe someone knows the differences?
i'm pretty sure i am using my original 216 distributor on my donor 53 235 engine, it was a fast job in the fall several years ago, so i'm hazy on the details, but seems to me the donor 235 had long lost it's distributor
i used all the working bits off the 216 when it started knocking
Generator, water pump, distributor, both manifolds with the carburetor, and the bell housing, i even took the spark plugs over to the "new" engine.
i wasn't gonna spend a dime on the switch smile
I bet that 216 and 235 distributors from the same years were/have-been interchanged (having different part numbers):
- among pre-1954 years
- among late 1955 and later years
- and, even among most 216/235/261 years?

Even though distributor gears differed significantly (as nicely described/documented by Pre '68 Dave).

Nonetheless, in 1951, there were two different part numbers.
Distributor weight springs are different.
Sounds like a perfect time to convert to electronic ignition...
I'm quite sure that the advance curve is slightly different between the two, but it will fit fine.
I bet you can adjust the advance curve on some of those 6v/12v electronic ignitions/distributors.

But, be sure to carry a spare original-style distributor (tuned and ready to be installed when the electronic unit fails on a long trip)? thumbs_up
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