235 HP?

Posted By: jkvincent

235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 05:47 PM

Morning guys,
I'm doing up new (valve cover) decals for my newly overhauled 235.
What's the HP rating of my eng, (please)
I've seen others (see attachments for ref only, not my eng) but don't know if mine matches either of these HP's, I can't figure it out...

'53 235, full pressure, ser# prefix LAS, powerglide/power steering,
originally had "Hydraulics", now Solid lifters with matching Cam,
Cylinders bored to .040
(if any of that makes a big deal)

Thanks, Jim

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Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 06:37 PM

I will ask the question because I truly do not know the answer, but in all of the years I have been messing with the 235/261 motors (primarily late 54 through 62/63) I have never seen an original motor with its original paint still intact, that had a valve cover with a decal. To add more confusion, I have seen a couple of different versions of the decals over the years. Every decal on a valve cover I have seen has been on a repainted motor. Add to that is that there are quite a few photos, looks to be for the 59 model year, at a gm plant where they are unloading motors, both v8 and 6, and none of the 6 motors have a decal on the valve cover. So any thoughts on whether cars and trucks came with decals on the valve covers? Any photos of documented original motors with original paint with a valve cover decal or the remnants of one?
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Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 06:46 PM

LAS = 1953 car with Powerglide & power steering
115 hp

The "Thrift King" 235 3-speed that year produced 108hp.
I do not know if it was a high pressure engine (like the Blue Flame), or a low pressure engine like the big-truck 235.

Hotrod Lincoln and others might comment/speculate on hp of that engine with mechanical lifters and solid cam.

Posted By: Hotrod Lincoln

Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 08:18 PM

Prior to the days of the muscle cars when manufacturers started telling outright lies about engine power to keep insurance companies from raising rates for the factory hot rods, published horsepower ratings tended to be very optimistic. Engines were HP rated on the dyno, with no accessories being powered- - - -not even a water pump! Definitely not a generator of any other engine-driven equipment. Regardless of what the advertised HP might be, I'd probably have a hard time seeing it on a dyno without the same kinds of fudge factors the factory was using. Slap any kind of decal you want on it- - - - -the true HP with the engine installed in the vehicle will be lower!
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Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 08:30 PM

Not sure of your question. Do you want to identify it by its original decal? Or your individual engine's power?
The "rating" is not the actual power of the original engine, merely the number the factory chose to publish, tested under ideal circumstances (GM "Test 20" with controlled air temperature, and minimal accessories).
Your engine is not stock, and won't produce that number either.
There is no accurate method of projecting how much yours makes.
Posted By: tclederman

Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 08:55 PM


Here are some choices for valve cover decal.
Most likely you will want want that "looks right" on a 1953 engine.

You will have to decide on the year style, and, car or truck style.

If you plan to paint it Blue Flame Blue, you might want "Blue Flame" and "125" for 1953/54 cars.
Posted By: jkvincent

Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 09:47 PM

Yea "tc",
Sorry for the confusion, guess I should have posted
only the first line in my engine description,
I don't care about whatever (if any) the cam and/or cyl bore adds)
I was just interested in what the original decal displayed.
It is painted "Blue Flame" blue....guess "125" is my answer,
thanks all,
Posted By: RdsLessTaken

Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 09:57 PM

The 115hp “Blue Flame” 235.5 engine in 1953 was full high-pressure oil system, with aluminum pistons, 7.5:1 compression ratio, Hydraulic valve lifters, and was used with the Powerglide transmission available only in the “Two-Ten” and Bel Air models.

The 108hp “Thrift King” engine in 1953 had 235.5 cu. Inch displacement, was low-pressure with four way-lubrication, had cast alloy iron pistons, lower compression ratio (7.1:1), solid valve lifters and was used with the manual shift transmission.

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Posted By: tclederman

Re: 235 HP? - Sun Feb 25 2018 11:01 PM


I'd also go with the Blue Flame (Six) 125hp, even though it was converted to a solid cam and lifters, it is still a 53 "high oil-pressure" 235 engine. I wonder if it has a mechanical-lifter car/truck 235 cam or a '53?/'54-'55 Corvette "261" cam?

Posted By: 8trackdude

Re: 235 HP? - Mon Feb 26 2018 05:54 PM

Just for fun, I went with the Corvette 235 decals. I figured that with all of the mods I have made to my engine, it should be putting out around the same power.

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