An internet friend of mine has a 1954 Chevy 235 engine

from a passenger car with power glide. The engine block

# is 3835911 with a date casting of D284 , which

translates to : April 28, 1954.

His plan is to have the hydraulic camshaft reground to

1954 solid lifter specs & then run solid lifters.

Is this possible ?

Need some in depth opinions of his plan.

Thank You,
'54 3600
Why not just buy a new cam with the appropriate lifters? Regrinding a cam reduces the diameter of the base circle of the lobes and makes it difficult to get a good adjustment because the adjusting screws on the rocker arms have to be turned in too far. I've seen some rockers with the lock nuts on the underside to accomplish a deep enough adjustment. Changing the grind from hydraulic to solid would involve taking a lot of material off the cam lobes.

While he's at it, does he intend to install acetylene gas headlights, a magneto, and a hand crank for starting? Might as well take a giant leap backwards with the rest of the vehicle!

It will be cheaper just to buy a new cam and a set of lifters,when I built my 235 power glide the cam was junk and I put in a new hyd cam and lifters.

Why? I have over 100 thousand miles on a rebuilt '56 hydraulic.
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