Posted By: blu1964 Correct balancer and flywheel good wrench replacement - Sun Mar 23 2014 02:10 AM
Replacing a 327 with a new goodwrench 350.I know they changed the flywheel to a balanced one somewhere a long the way,maybe mid 70s.What is the correct ones for the goodwrench?
Small block chevy engines with the exception of a 400 are internally balanced. If you order a replacement engine to match what you are removing the original parts should be the same.
In 1987 the 350's changed to a one piece rear main seal. The crankshaft is different and uses a different flywheel and balancer. Do you know what rear seal type your motor uses?
Yes it has the 2 piece rear seal.I am replacing the balancer because of age but planned on using my flywheel.I know the 400 is externally,but the parts stores show a balanced flywheel for a 350.
If both engines use a 2 pc rear seal then they can interchange. As stated, once the SBC began using the one pc rear seal, then those crankshafts also require a flywheel/flexplate with a counterweight on them to be balanced, and will not interchange with an engine that is a 2 pc rear seal. The "balanced" terminology from the parts store could be hinting that the app he lists one for is the later counterweighted one.
Thanks that makes it tie together.Kinda been out of this game a few years.I used to know most of the interchangeability of bowtie parts,but age, time,etc takes place of that stuff.
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