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stove51 #988475 Sun Nov 24 2013 07:00 PM
Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 64
stove51 Offline OP
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Ok thanks a bunch guys. I've been consistently trying to convince the others to put an in-line filter in. And since I'm the advice/opinion kinda gets sidelined sometimes. But, on the other hand...if the carb or pump gets plugged least I'll have something to take off the truck and clean or rebuild. smile I'll always look for stuff to do on the truck smile

stove51 #988533 Mon Nov 25 2013 12:20 AM
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 11,772
Oh that won't be a problem with these old Stovebolts, there's always something to do in them.


stove51 #988560 Mon Nov 25 2013 01:32 AM
Joined: Feb 2000
Posts: 938
Here is my 4.8 cent (obama needs the extra for Obamacant) I would rather change out the filter under my truck than rebuild my Carb. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against rebuilding a carb. I would rather be driving my truck. Just for the record I have 3 full filters on my truck. One at the tank, one on the fuel pump and on at the carb.

Brian Moore
1949 3100 5 window Deluxe
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stove51 #988562 Mon Nov 25 2013 01:36 AM
Joined: Sep 2001
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Political statements are inappropriate here.

Tim []
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stove51 #988676 Mon Nov 25 2013 05:54 PM
Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 64
stove51 Offline OP
Shop Shark
Since we are on the topic of the fuel system. I was curious if anyone has used this product:]

Last edited by stove51; Mon Nov 25 2013 05:56 PM.
stove51 #988766 Tue Nov 26 2013 12:07 AM
Joined: Nov 2002
Posts: 2,424
Carburetion specialist
Sometime in the 1950's, Carter came out with an accessory for their glass bowl fuel filter; it was called a "Magnatrap". This was a small magnet that fit inside the fuel filter. Of course, the magnet would trap any rust particles coming through. When the magnet's color changed from grey to rust, it was time to clean.

This was a very useful device as at the time a lot of the old time filling stations had very rusty tanks.


Good carburetion is fuelish hot air
The most expensive carburetor is the wrong one you attempt to modify
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stove51 #988769 Tue Nov 26 2013 12:16 AM
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 11,772
Lots of people. Some with good results, some with bad. If you
can get the tank super clean inside, slosh it and make sure it
has a good long time to cure then it renders an other wise
scrap tank into a usable one. The bad side is if you don't get
it super clean the liner can come loose and plug your line.

Personal opinion, if a tank is sprouting pin holes then that
indicates to me the it's getting to thin to be safe. I'd opt
for a new tank, they taint all that expensive and you can have
your FLAPS order one and have it in a few days.

Denny G

stove51 #988920 Tue Nov 26 2013 06:06 PM
Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 45
awk Offline
Wrench Fetcher
Speaking of filters.
I have a Carter Carburetor filter (small glass bowl)#2146397, that I'm looking for the filter element, gasket and I think there is a spring use to hold the filter up. I think this is a ceramic element. Can anyone help with where to find , part numbers? I have a part number 2159S, I think this is the whole filter. Another number is GF30-77.


stove51 #988932 Tue Nov 26 2013 06:55 PM
Joined: Jul 2008
Posts: 143
on my 52 the original owner over the years had replaced the fuel pump with one that did have have the fuel screen on it so he added an inline glass bowl fuel filter at the inlet to the carburetor. since the carburetor inlet and the horn was in direct alignment he had to bend the horn bracket down at a sharp angle in order to have enough room to fit the fuel filter. when i replaced my fuel tank with a new one it eliminated the rust problems associated with it so i replaced the fuel pump with the correct pump with filter screen, removed the inline filter and moved the horn back to its proper alignment. looks much better.

stove51 #989189 Wed Nov 27 2013 09:16 PM
Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 2,736
Shop Shark
"Political statements are inappropriate here."

Tim..have a Happy Thanksgiving and lighten up a little. Enjoy others.

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