Hi, my name is Keith and I am currently involved in restoring two old bolts. I have a 1949 Chevy 4400 with a dump bed on it that I got while I was in school in Neb. I had quite a time getting it since I bought it just before the winter of 2007, and that is when we had quite an ice storm. Then when my dad and I were able to finally go get it the guy had put a bunch of junk in the bed, and expected us to take it with us on our 160+ mile drive home. We made him get a trailer and we had to unload all the junk after about a hour of going back and forth about it. I finally got it home in the spring of 2008. I have yet to do any major work to it, mainly do to the ice storm clean up, and the fact that the ice storm was not good to our fences. I got it started soon after getting it home. I checked everything over and took it for a short test run. The the major issues are that one front leaf spring is broken and the king pins need replaced. I plan on slowly restoring this truck and using it around the ranch and hopefully take it to some shows. We are also planning on moving our ranch so it will get a good workout then to.

The other truck I have is a 1970 GMC 3/4 ton I bought from a neighbor. This truck was bought new by anther farmer in the valley we live in then sold to my nieghbor then to me. This one I am planning on having the body done professionaly for a daily driver. I will try to get pictures of this one soon.

I will keep everyone updated on my progress and I hope to make it the the show in KC sometime soon. 49' Chevy 4400

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1949 Chevy 4400 Grainbed
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