My 1954 gmc hydra-matic pickup project is almost complete. Lots of knuckle scrapping hours and wanting to do it all over again..Am I nuts or what?.
I am the third owner of the vehicle. My story began when I loaned a friend some money. He ,later, got divorced, moved, and could not re-pay. He offered me his truck which was a rust-bucket, but it ran. Original 248 engine. Getting her home was an adventure. I chose to drive it (not the smartest thing I done). I did not own a flat bed and chose not to hire a wrecker. The truck would only go 10-15 mph and the wife was not pleased, since she had to miss her beauty shop appointment that day. But eight hours later, we arrived safely at home. Over the years, I have had to replace gas tank, brakes, shoes, shocks, bed, wiring, radiator, everything but the kitchen sink. It seemed that 55 years of 'neglect' had hit this truck and no one was looking except me. I knew she would be grand and 3 and 1/2 years later. If you could put in the Gallery, that would be great..Thanks

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