Here are pics of my 47 loadmaster 2 ton, It was given to me by an old farmer in my area, bought from the Marlinton Electric company in Marlinton, West Virginia. The last registration I was able to find inside it was for the 1963-64 year, after that it went to farm use for a while, then parked in a field to slowly decay into the ground. I found it and with some talking it was given to me for scrap metal, I took it home, cleaned it up and out and decided to try for the title, after explaining my view of the truck the old man found me the title, and only requested that I give him a ride when I get it fixed, so that has become my drive in this project, he has cancer and lyme's disease so I figure it would only be the right thing to do to fix it up fully and take him for a spin in a truck he used to full potential to get the day's work done (he used to haul coal with it 7-8 tons a load, hauling up and down the West Virginia hillsides)

The album containing my pics is located here:

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If it's old and rusted out.... Well it's probably mine.

[]1947 Chevrolet Loadmaster 2 Ton[/url]
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