Since the last update, I'm now driving with the rebuilt wheels from Stockton and radial tires. What a HUGE difference and improvement in the ride and handling! I've also added Tom Langdon's mini HEI, a Dolphin full gauge instrument panel, and have soundproofed the cab. Last but not least, I've rebuilt the entire suspension front and rear and have added power assisted high performance front disc brakes. The 261 project is in limbo. The overdrive and radials have worked out so well I'm no longer in such a hurry to get more torque and horsepower. By my next update, the new engine will hopefully be done. Some of the completed projects will be on my webshots photos.

My Webshot Photos
62 Fleetside 4spd 235 w/O.D. posi 3:90
90 Subaru Legacy Wagon AWD 2.2 5sp
13 Ram Tradesman C/V