I had been searching for a classic truck to restore for several months and finally came across this GMC.It is my first restoration project and I am very excited.So any advice is greatly appreciated. I am 23 years old and have always loved classic trucks and hoped to one day have one of my own. Its a 1953 GMC 3/4 ton with a 235 from a 55 chevy pickup I belive. After several visit to different sellers I made my decision to buy her. The seller was having second thoughts on selling it, so I made a quick trip to the bank, and got the money to confirm the sweet deal.As soon as I got her home I took her off the trailer and took her for a spin around the house. The motor is in good condition and cranks right up. The brakes on the other hand are completly worn out. The windows are all intact and the body is in solid shape. I will be adding more pics to show my progress thru out the restoration.

My Photobucket Pics

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1953 GMC 3/4-Ton
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In the wind, til the end