My '58 Apache and I are now living in Indy after a period of separation and after some cross country sprints and a long stint in Tucson. So now that we are back together, my dad's old truck and I have some work to do.

When our relationship has been on over the last decade, I replaced the rear end with a taller ratio, had the engine rebuilt, and put new wiring harnesses up front. Since I promised my dad I wouldn't drop a V8 in it, I went with the reproduction dual carb and exhaust set-up. To celebrate our being reunited I had a big 2.5" dual exhaust installed.

Well, that was then...

Working on the truck (and getting lots of help from the forum) I found that the carbs were mismatched, that my spare engine was a 261 and that the 2.5: exhaust may be overkill, but it sure sounds nice! So now I am on the road using it as a work truck for my concrete counter-top business.

Why do we let others work on our trucks???

I had the original carb rebuilt, but then had to redo it myself to get the accelerator pump unplugged. That fixed the acceleration problem. The engine was rebuilt, but when I noticed that the rockers weren't getting oil, I had to have a bolt drilled out for an oil passage. The machinist's charge to drill out the hardened bolt was to "never bring that bolt back here!" I think it cost him a couple of bits. The end rockers still weren't getting oil, so I pulled the assembly and cleaned them out while discovering that the rocker shaft is worn and needs to be replaced. So much for the "rebuilt" engine.

I have, once again, sworn off paid help with my old vehicles. Or at least I'll keep a closer eye on them. I guess old vehicles sometimes throw curve-balls.

So now I'll have to do the bodywork. She underwent a paid restoration 20 some years ago, but it is clear that there is a lot of rust being hidden by bondo and fiberglass. Since this is a working truck and my primary transportation right now, progress will be slow but I'll keep you posted.

So should she be dusty orange, the original seafoam, or something to match the 1958 historic Indiana license dark blue and yellow.....

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