I have a 47 GMC 283EC grain dump bed. It was rebuilt to specs. Unfortunatly the hydraulic piston is gone. Everything else including the pivot bars are still there. My dilemma is this: In order to do this truck right, a captured 41 Chevy in the German Army I have to narrow the bed by 12" and shorten it by 3 1/2'.
I don't know if the current grain bed with pivots is worth anything to anyone which makes hacking it apart kind of painful but I don't know how much work is involved with framing and building a wooden bed to the proper specs.
I would like to get someone's advice on what the proper course of action should be. You can view a proper bed on www.achtungpanzer.com, on vehicles of the wehrmacht under Ford V3000. My truck is in the galleries linked with my signature.



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