A question that frequently comes up is regarding the interchangeability of beds over various years of GM pickups. In 1954 model year the bed design completely changed and the same basic design was used through the 1987 model year. We are often asked whether a bed of one year will work on another year pickup. Usually the question comes up because a customer who needs a bed for his truck has found one that is in great condition at great price but the year is different than his/her own truck. Will it work? That is the question. Unfortunately, the answer is often “yes, but………” and includes a list of modifications that will be required to make the bed fit and function properly on the customer’s truck. The beds may look the same but subtle and not so subtle differences turn it into a major project to make it “work”. We have a technical article that goes into the differences in beds as the design changed over the years. http://www.mar-k.com/bed_side_interchange_gm.html Take a look at the link and share your experiences and questions regarding using beds of different years on your trucks.