Just thought I'd give you a few that actually "inspired" this idea of the clinic.
One was George Well\'s 1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton . He's got a great bed here.

I built the side rails and bed from Philippine mahogany because the color went with the color of the truck better than anything else. I also built a trunk out of oak. I had to have somewhere to keep some tools and things so the trunk seemed to be a good choice. The plans for the trunk came from Rockler . The hardware is also from them. I put in about two months of Saturdays building it. It's not for the beginner but not all that hard to build. It's bolted down using two bolts through the bed strips. Milling the grooves for the bed strips is a snap if you have a table saw. I guess it could be done with a router also. It took a little care to get the bed mounting holes in the right place but the instructions that came from Mar-K were excellent.

I LOVE that trunk!!


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