We're getting a steady stream of email bounces from stovebolters who are sending private messages to other stovebolters, and the recipient addresses are no longer valid. Please make sure that you change your email address in your profile when your email address has changed. Otherwise, you may miss opportunities to sell or buy things that you need.

To change your email address, log in to the Forum, click on the "display name" link in the upper right-hand area of the screen and select Edit Profile. (Your display name is what other stovebolters see when you post on the forum. It may or may not be the same as your username.) PLEASE NOTE: When you change your email address, you will be logged out and your password will be changed automatically. Your new password will be sent to your new email address. Make sure you type in your new email address correctly!

Once you get your new password, log back into the Forum and you can edit your profile again to change your password back to what it was before, if you want to.

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