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Bogus VIN plate
#177097 Mon May 16 2005 01:13 PM
Joined: Mar 2003
Posts: 1,354
Weeds Offline OP
Shop Shark
It seems my 49 sub is actually a 47 or 48. Thanks to Spankys sharp eyes he discovered by eyeballing the firewall (something about reinforcing ribs) that the 49 is not a 49 after all but is a 47 or 48. He wanted to see a pic of the VIN plate which I had Weeds the younger put up in Panels and burbs after un successfully trying to E-mail him a pic. His opinion is that sometime in the past life of this sub the VIN plate was switched from another truck. He can tell by the rivets. I have a valid Wisconsin title using the Vin plate now on the truck. Question is this. Do I let sleeping dogs lie or do I research the situation and try to get it titled properly? This is not a 100 point resto but only a driver so I am not concerned about absolute authenticity. The mystery number 26 painted on the roof might have something to do with the switch. Im sure Spanky will jump back in here and I hope to get advice from other Bolters on this dilemma also. The entire saga unfolds in Panels and Burbs under "stripped". Weeds

Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177099 Mon May 16 2005 03:27 PM
Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 1,687
Extreme Gabster
From what I understand, there were trucks with title numbers taken from the VIN plate, and trucks with title numbers taken from the engine.. sounds like you have one of those taken from the VIN plate.

Now if the numbers on your VIN plate match the title, i'd leave sleeping dogs lie, since the garden variety DMV person isn't going to know that the ribs on the firewall are from a 48, not a 49.

What likely happened was a person had a solid body but no title (like a old barn find or junkyard score) and they had a shot body with a title, so they just did the ole switch-a-roo.

Laws vary from state to state, but i'd be willing to bet that the "ole switch-a-roo" when it comes to VIN numbers/plates is a big no-no.. mostly because they want you to:

A: Pay sales tax on both vehicles
B: Make sure you are the legal owner of both vehicles (i.e. not using a good title and VIN plate on a stolen truck)

Now if you're 100% sure that the truck is legit, then i'd let it ride.. but god help you if one day you're tooling down the road and somebody says, "HEY! Thats my truck!!"

If there are no other identifying numbers on the truck, I really don't know how you'd go about researching it any further as far as the history.. i suppose you could try and trace the title you have back thru previous owners (undoubetedly over many years) and then try and track those people down to ask them (provided their last known address isn't a cemetary).

an idea is only stupid if you think about it rationally.
Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177100 Mon May 16 2005 03:32 PM
Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 5,161
Cruising in the Passing Lane
I've seen pictures of a front cowl replacedment on an AD panel. In this case I think the cut was made in the windshield frame and everything in front was replaced.

It was Mark Woodsen's panel and the pictures were on his web site. I just don't recall the URL...

But my point is that TooMany is right, it could easily be a repair that mixed parts from different years, and that there is no dog to wake up!

Its true, I really don't do anything but browse the Internet looking for trouble... . . .
'55 1st GMC Suburban . '54 GMC 250 trailer puller project. '54 GMC 250 Hydra-Matic . '54 Chevy 3100 . '47 Chevy COE . and more...
Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177101 Mon May 16 2005 04:04 PM
Joined: Oct 2004
Posts: 1,864
Master Gabster
Weeds, most of the trucks that are being put back on the road have mutant parts from many sources (repops, other trucks, fabrications etc.) Although illegal (according to DMV) changing a VIN tag from one vehicle to another is common practice. Trucks are found abandon in fields, barns etc. and the owners have lost the paperwork, so the next best thing to do is find an old truck that is used for parts that has a title and switch them. Since the older trucks only have the VIN tag and no other markings it goes undetected by everyone except us! grin Newer vehicles have multiple vin numbers on them in hidden places so that it can be detected if someone is illegally stealing a car and trying to disguise it.

Since you have a title and VIN plate that matches you will never be hassled by DMV. Since you have the body off of the frame you may want to stamp the numbers on the frame to protect your investment in the future. A good place to stamp it is by the steering box and a few places only you know. .........g

Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177102 Tue May 17 2005 01:53 AM
Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 2,470
Shop Shark
Weeds, If I were you, I'd let the Dog sleep. The only time that 'burb, needs to be a '49 model, is if, or when you decide to sell it. But for now, you just need to figure out wheather it's a '47, or '48 (LOL). Ain't this fun.

Spanky Hardy
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Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177103 Tue May 17 2005 02:55 AM
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 29,546
ace skiver

Do you have ideas for how to determine if your truck is a 47-2nd series or a '48?

Here are a few features to look for. Maybe there are other features that people will post?

1. '47 had 3-sp transmission with floor shifter (no column shifter - no holes in the steering column for column shifter). However, 4-speed transmission trucks also did not have holes on the steering column. Thus, if you have holes in the steering column for a column shifter, you have a '48 truck or the steering column might have been replaced with a later 3-speed's column.

2. '48 had the 3-sp transmission on the column. Thus, there was a floor mounted parking brake pedal (to the left of the clutch pedal). I am not certain, but most likely the 1947 1/2 ton frame did not have the channel in the frame cross-member that is needed for routing the foot-pedal parking brake linkage rod.

Maybe other people will correct me and/or post other things to look for.


Tim []
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Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177104 Tue May 17 2005 02:55 AM
Joined: Mar 2001
Posts: 394
Shop Shark
Isn't the NHRA cutoff year for streetrods 1948?

Buzz'n Half Dozen
Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177105 Tue May 17 2005 03:21 AM
Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 1,827
Shop Shark
Yes, the cut off year for NSRA is 48. It is actually 1948 and back. Cutoff for Goodguys is 1972. By the way, NSRA is changing either two or three of it's events this year to 1972 cutoff dates!!

I have a 1937 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup and the "VIN" on the title is the number that was on the original engine - two engines ago. The truck was also one truck made from two different trucks. I have pictures of both trucks, but I couldn't tell you which truck is my truck. I just know it's one of 'em.

As far as I'm concerned, I have a title and I have a truck and THEY are registered together. Period! Unless I start something on it, I don't really see that it is an issue.

My stand would be to let that BIG OLE DOG SLEEP!!!!!

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Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177106 Tue May 17 2005 03:25 AM
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 8,284
Grease Monkey, Moderator General Truck Talk & Greasy Spoon
Weeds, Take it from a retired COP don't wake up the sleeping giant. Your state tax commission can really screw things up and tie up your vehicle for years if not confiscate it and file charges against you!

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Re: Bogus VIN plate
#177107 Tue May 17 2005 03:41 AM
Joined: Aug 2000
Posts: 197
You can legally change the year of the title if you want it to "appear" correct but I REALLY don't think anyone will ever bother you. I believe that '47 had the different cowl, not '48. Maybe this cab was a carryover from an earlier production build? Stranger things have happened.

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