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Re: Introductions
#167663 Mon Sep 13 2004 11:28 PM
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 220
Shop Shark
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Stovebolt Staff:
[QB]Good thread! Do all of you have your trucks in the Gallery?

Jim "Sgrig" Sgrignioli here. I've got a '66 Panel Delivery. I had A'49 Panel That I wrecked 10 yrs. ago. That was very painful, emotionally. Especially seeing it after some inconsiderate kids bricked almost every inch of it. I guess just because the front was mashed, it was fair game. Anyway, I did send photos of my '66 for the gallery back in April, but, they never got posted. During the 10 yrs. without a truck, I pined for another Panel, but, never had the means.
Finnally, after 2yrs of saving, and, an 8 month search, I found my '66. It's a work In progress.
I'm having way too much fun with this thing. I still have a couple more months before it goes down for the winter. I'll enjoy it while I can.
Love the site!! Bunch of great people.
Keep up the good work.

Jim "Sgrig"

P.S. Stove Staff, feal free to click the link below & use the photos for your gallery. I would be more than proud to see the "Piewagon" displayed on your pages.

"I can go anywhere...for I am a Piewagoneer...To the Piewagon"

1966 Chevy Panel Delivery 1966 in the Gallery and more on Webshots
Re: Introductions
#167664 Tue Sep 14 2004 12:22 AM
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 2,955
Ok Jim. I'll add it to my stack. I'll let you know when it gets there.

Hope to work on some tomorrow. Computer tech was out today and replaced the "power box" or something like that. The tower is nice and quiet and it seems to be running faster. That's a pleasant surprise.


The first five days after the weekend are the hardest.
Re: Introductions
#167665 Tue Sep 14 2004 12:44 AM
Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 482
Hey Jim, Nice pie wagon! Couldn't help but notice the AFX tshirt. You a slot car junkie too? I have probably 150 AFX and the older Tjets. A lot of them I've had since I was a kid.

I want to find or make a slot car of my '47 panel. Wouldn't that look cool going 'round the track?

Don't lose your head to save a minute,
You need your head, your brains are in it.
Burma-Shave (1947)
Re: Introductions
#167666 Tue Sep 14 2004 02:33 AM
Joined: Feb 2004
Posts: 112
Wrench Fetcher
I'm the old Truck Tinker and that's what I do. I have been in mechanics since I was age 7 and that has been 58 years. My dad and I have built and restored countless cars and trucks over the years and I taught Automotive for 29 years in the Atlanta school system. Now, I'm into the early/middle sixties trucks. My first practice truck for my current project is in the gallery under Paul Toth's 65 c10. My next project is in the 64 section as a mixture of parts. It's a 64 red and white stepside. The current 65 will look like the 65 in the gallery, only all the rust places in the cab has been replaced with welded-in new metal and has a fully built 400 with a 400 trans. After I finish it, I will put back together a 66 longbed fleet and paint it solid red and the next one will be a mixture of a 61 frame (left over from parts truck) a cab off a long bed that I bought for 75.00 and I will use the parts left over from a 66 GMC long bed that someone had put new front fenders, new rockers and cab corners (he put everything together with pop rivets so I slavaged all the new stuff to put on the 61/62 that I am going to build. It will have a GMC grill, hood, tail gate and other GMC parts with a 350 engine and I don't know what the trans. will be yet. Either way, I have about two or three years work ahead of me and loving every moment. I always keep my eyes open for more potential 60 - 66 Chevy trucks. I know how everyone on the Stovebolt site feels about their projects. Good Luck to all, Truck Tinker.

Re: Introductions
#167667 Tue Sep 14 2004 03:55 AM
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 220
Shop Shark
Thanks Peg, I realize, and, appreciate all the hard work this site must be. I'm just glad I stumbled into it. Your the best!!

I've got over 1000 slot cars. I've got an old Aurora 4 lane lock & joiner track, and, a 1/64
scale 1/4 mile set up in my basement. I have a timing system that utilizes a COMPLETE NHRA drag race format. Reation times, et's, mph, scale 60'
times(18"), and, a complete bracket racing format.
If your ever in my neck of the woods, look me up.
The East Coast H.O. timing association will be hosting a fall event Oct. 2nd in Lansdale, Pa.
It's always a blast!!

Jim Sgrig

"I can go anywhere...for I am a Piewagoneer...To the Piewagon"

1966 Chevy Panel Delivery 1966 in the Gallery and more on Webshots
Re: Introductions
#167668 Tue Sep 14 2004 04:10 AM
Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 252
Shop Shark
Hi all, Tony here. I got hooked on the old trucks with a '70 GMC 1/2 ton stepside about 11 years ago. Had to get rid of it, but really missed it. After fooling with S-10's for about seven years I bought a '68 C-10 minus engine. The mechanicals are almost done in that one, but it now sports a 350/400 combo. After I got infected by the truck bug again, I snatched up a '46 3/4 ton, from PA. Could have made a great project, but lack of room, and time forced me to sell it to a good home(back in PA),I really love those Art Deco trucks, and hope to find another some day. Then I found the '61 Apache 10. The Apache is coming along well. Should be running and driving soon, leaving me with only the bed to finish restoration on. When that's done, the body work starts on the '68. Then that next Art many trucks, so little time

Re: Introductions
#167669 Tue Sep 14 2004 05:04 PM
Joined: Sep 2004
Posts: 7
Junior Member
Roland here. I'm a 23 yr old electronics tech in the NAVY. I got stationed in San Diego after sub duty in WA. I was driveing down the road when I first got here and seen an old truck. Since I have no knowlegde of old truccks I stopped to take a look. The old man that had it told me it was a '58 Apache. I looked all around the body looking to see how bad the cancer was. It seemed in almost soild condition. So took it for a spin around the block fell in love and bought it on the spot. Well after driving it everyday for 4 mo. the engine locked up. I figured if I was gonna fix it I might as well do it right. So now she is in pieces in my garage as a prepare for my ground up restoration. If this one doesn't break me I hope I will continue adding more to my family.

Re: Introductions
#167670 Tue Sep 14 2004 11:21 PM
Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 180
Got a 59 3200 that we are doing for my wife, Amy. This is my foray into old chevy pickups. Short story on the truck - saved from Florida decided to make it a 3100. As a result - built a new box steel frame - added an IFS kit from TCI - rear is leaf with a Nova rear end. This is a custom. Shave everything. Suicide the doors.

Check it out at

This is not my first build - see my El Camino -

- Ryan

59 Apache Step
78 El Camino
Re: Introductions
#167671 Wed Sep 15 2004 03:53 AM
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 35
Junior Member
I have a 1950 4400 1 1/2 ton. Use to be a Coke delivery truck for 9 years, a hay hauler for 14 years and then stored in a barn for about 30 years!! I have named him "Lazarus"....coming back from the dead!!! Been learning a lot about those big old "HUCK" brakes lately!!
I think this is going to turn out to be a life long project...and loving every minute of it!!
Jonesboro, Arkansas cool

Re: Introductions
#167672 Wed Sep 15 2004 05:06 AM
Joined: Jul 2001
Posts: 3,904
Master Gabster
and here's Bill - called Billy the Squeeze by folks in my neighborhood, and one of this motley cru of \'bolters seen at a truck show - also known as red58 cuz it\'s my driver - my daily useta to be a 57 panel till it got such a rotten frame as to be in peril of losing parts along the road, but I have another similar I hope to get on the road one day . . . . I've also got a 'frankentruck' [named by Joy grin ] 57 short step made from 9 different trucks, including parts of the ol panel, that does some of the dirty work, and is the usual driver of my other half, babytrkr . . . I've had old trucks since B4 they were really old, starting w/ a 55 Intl about 1970 . . . . the oldest truck-like thing I've had was a 37 fford sedan delivery , and the last car-like thing I had was a Volvo wagon - I've had many 60-66 Chev trucks, and a 46 GMC 1½ ton , tho the task force series is my soft spot now that I have a couple tons of those parts! I doubt I'll ever have a car again unless it's a 56 Chev wagon

keep truckin, and lets see more pics! grin


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"When we tug a single thing on an old truck, we find it falls off" me
Some TF series details & TF heater pics & Rust-a-holics Unanimous parking lot
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