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Re: The WEEKEND REPORT - 5/20-22
#167515 Tue May 24 2005 12:52 AM
Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 9
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Saturday morning was errands. Took the '71 to the dumps with some scrap iron and dropped 5 gallons waste oil for recycling. Put racks on the '70 and started to load for dump run (rubbish). Started '56 after setting all winter in the shed. After battery was charged started right up! The two yards of sand/gravel mix in the bed had stuck solid, had to pick out about a third of it before it would dump. Moved the '39 into the shed for awhile while the '56 dump is loaded with brush and lumber waste.
Nice weather, 80's in California!
'39 one ton, lots of patina!
'41 half ton, project
'46 two ton, nice truck, project
'56 dump, repowered with 350, partially restored
'70 1/2 ton, 3 spd, 250, original running truck
'71 3/4 ton, 454, AC, nice truck, going up for sale soon, watch want ads and Hemmings. (need the room!)

N Cal Calvin
'46 Two ton, nice project
'56 Two ton dump,a work horse!
'94 C1500, Hers
Re: The WEEKEND REPORT - 5/20-22
#167516 Tue May 24 2005 02:23 AM
Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 482
It was rainy Saturday afternoon, but I started Friday night. Unloaded and tore down the storage shelving in the garage. Got them rebuilt in a configuration that allows more storage. Was going to use the '47 to go get some sheets of 3/4" OSB but the wife wanted to go so we had to take the '89 Suburban.

Those shelves are built with a Unistrut frame, but I had to use some 2x4s to add shelf support so that I could get more shelf space. The only place in town that sells Unistrut was closed Saturday so I called them today to see what 4 sticks, 20 feet long would cost. Over $500!!! So I asked what about 80 feet in 10 foot sticks? $135! Apparently the shipping for those 20' pieces is a killer. Doesn't make sense to me, but I will probably buy a feew 10 footers to beef it up.

This is all for the purpose of getting the garage into shape for the frame-off phase of the '47 panel rebuild.

The wife decided we were going out to eat Sunday night. I only had two hours between getting home from church and leaving for that. Then she decided that we were going to sit there and visit with her girlfriend who met us for dinner. THREE HOURS! :mad:

I asked, "Why don't you bring Beth home so you girls can visit?"

"No, we won't be that long." That was an hour and a half into the deal...

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You need your head, your brains are in it.
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Re: The WEEKEND REPORT - 5/20-22
#167517 Tue May 24 2005 03:22 AM
Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 216
RJ Offline
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Went to the 23rd car show and swapmeet in Canon city ,Colorado at the Holy Cross Abbey.great show.

Re: The WEEKEND REPORT - 5/20-22
#167518 Tue May 24 2005 03:24 AM
Joined: Mar 2004
Posts: 3,106
I finished installing a crate engine (just a few minutes ago)in a Corvette for a friend of mine. Did I ever tell you how much I hate Corvettes?. Had some in-laws in town for the better part of a week too. That really puts a damper on progress,

Scott Ward

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The red one [] and The snow pusher []
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1 1963 K20 [] (454)
1 1964 C10 (350)
1 1951 1.5-ton Dump Truck []
1953 and a 1956 Ford F800 []

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Re: The WEEKEND REPORT - 5/20-22
#167519 Tue May 24 2005 12:09 PM
Joined: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,011
Socket Breaker
Saturday morning, drove out in my '65 with my dad to pick up the wheels for his '53... he had them gettin' sandblasted and painted.

On Sunday a pal of mine put a lil rubbin' compound on my worn out paint to see what it would look like, and it actually got a little shiny. smile


Bolters Weekend Report - Nov 20 / 21 - Whaja Do?
#167795 Sat Nov 20 2004 11:56 PM
Joined: Nov 1995
Posts: 1,188
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Okay, new weekend whadja go on / with your truck?

John was able to get the '49 running (re-charged the battery -- it had been a tad bit cold here). But the weekend was great and he had some of the evening to diddle on the '49 1.5 ton.

Other than that, we were pretty consumed with LEAVES. We must have the biggest leaf-pile in the County.



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Re: Bolters Weekend Report - Nov 20 / 21 - Whaja Do?
#167796 Sun Nov 21 2004 12:10 AM
Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 51
Wrench Fetcher
Went to the parts store pickup rear oil seal and pan gasket, then off to Sears, they had a special on a 3-1/2 ton floor jack and stands, (old jack seen it better days, didn't want to brake out the band-aid). started to rain, project on hold. just reading the forums trying to learn something new..Have A GREAT DAY Y'all

1965 C-10 Stepside
Re: Bolters Weekend Report - Nov 20 / 21 - Whaja Do?
#167797 Sun Nov 21 2004 01:01 AM
Joined: Oct 2002
Posts: 9,368
Moderator, Passing Lane
Redryder and I went to our county place, spent the night and did some chores, a little painting,,and let me tell you, the little truck purred like a kitten, the weather was nice also, just now starting to rain ...while at the sonic one old timer told me I needed to paint the truck red,,,,,,,,see ya , and thanks for asking,,Fred


My Hotrod

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Pain is part of life; misery is an option.

Re: Bolters Weekend Report - Nov 20 / 21 - Whaja Do?
#167798 Sun Nov 21 2004 01:09 AM
Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 982
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Winter Clean up mode....organized parts and put items not in use in boxes. Labled boxes so next spring I know where everything is.

Chucked the old stuff that I should never use an old dist cap, wires, points, cond, etc...I will buy new spares for the glove box...

Tried to get the dash lights working last that it gets dark at 4:30, its kind of tough to see the speedo.... heater in my truck, but the old beast stays warm when the engine warms up...I cant get used to driving with the windows up....Its not even Thanksgiving and I already hate winter....

Re: Bolters Weekend Report - Nov 20 / 21 - Whaja Do?
#167799 Sun Nov 21 2004 01:11 AM
Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 56
Spent most of the day with the cluster in my lap wiring all new leads from the new gauges/blinkers. (Watching the Wildcats win their opener in a blowout!)

Rehung the headers since the new starter is in place.

Went to the parts store for stuff.

Stopped and looked at a 54 with a buddy who REALLY wants it!!! So do I, but I don't have room right now.

More to do tomorrow...

Sittin' Pretty in My Old Kentucky Home.
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