I could have got a nice Mustang 2 front end for 1/3 of what I have in my straight axle. I'm not an expert so these are just my thoughts. When it comes to leaf springs verses coils that spring has no idea if it's straight or coiled. The magic is in the shocks. Everything tight with firm bushings and a sway bar and your golden. If you want to get more hardcore go with aluminum bushings and a pan hard bar. It was nice to see the wheel offset mentioned. My understanding is that if you extend the pivot point of the spindle it should be centered on the pad? To me an AD without a straight axle of some sort is like a hound without rabbits. I guess my point is that a straight axle does not restrict you on performance if you take into account all the new advances in parts and materials. Working with Pete and Jakes (thanks Jerry) and Superbell They made me a custom width 4" drop tube axle designed to leave the ground and safely return for up to a 5000 lb vehicle. I sent them a 53 axle to work off of instead of sending them dimensions. Everything is early Ford roadster stuff because it's readily available in chrome. It has roller bearing king pins and shock perches like a roadster. Jerry sent me raw spindles and I had a friend in the aerospace industry remove the Ford spindle pin and replace it with a Heidts pin so I could run the Wilwood brakes "you can't run on a straight axle". Then I sent them back to Pete and Jakes. Made some caliper brackets and done. Easy Peasy 4 years and thousands of dollars later. I have no regrets. She's pretty and all mine. I plan on taking her down the 1320 at 8.50 and 165 in a drag and drive. I plan on doing a little Autocrossing too. I agree 100% with John. If you want to great. Do you need to? probably not. Sorry I rambled on. Thank you for your time. Sorry I put so many pictures of my brakes up. It was a huge victory for me. Can't do it my a$$.

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