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Jan 21st, 2020
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Joined: Nov 2020
Posts: 14
That's a beauty!!! Good for you!

My very first truck was a '48 six window, which someone decided they needed more than a 15 year old kid.

Joined: Oct 2021
Posts: 3,146
Was the guy you bought it from the original owner?

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Joined: Jul 2004
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That is a really nice truck!

If that is original and that mileage is accurate, I don't think I'd bother restoring it. I'd drive it as is. But it's your truck, not mine.

1947 Loadmaster []
1947 Chev. Loadmaster
1959 Chev. Viking 40
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Joined: Apr 2023
Posts: 13
the guy i bought it from is actually the 2nd owner. He got it from the family of the farmer that had in in storage in his barn. after he passed they took it out and cleaned it up and sold it

as far as i know it is the original mileage i have receipts for service work over time and the original owners manual . You may be correct just drive it and enjoy don't bother restoring it . thanks for the advice i need it !!!!!!

since this is my 1st one i did not know how it would look it i took it to shows

Joined: Jul 2008
Posts: 188
Originality will get more response than the best restored. In fact the restored owners will be checking yours out for their's correctness.

1952 Chevy Pickup Truck
In the Stovebolt Gallery
Joined: Apr 2005
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Car shows of any size at all have a "Preservation Award" which is an untouched example. I think your 51 would take home some trophies.

Joined: Nov 1995
Posts: 6,204
Unrepentant VW Lover
My truck is like yours (well .. sortta ... wink ) -- a well-preserved "survivor." We got ours from its original owner (who treated me like like family) His advice was "Don't restore that truck -- you'll ruin it!"

From the pictures you've shown us, that is an amazing truck. And rare in that it is a well-preserved original. I would be *very* hesitant to do anything to it other than keep preserving it.

But like the others have said, it's your truck.

But still ... pristine "time capsules" like that one are few and far between. You will become very popular -- especially with people who will want you to send them a picture of this or that so they can see what it is *supposed* to look like wink

Take lots of pictures of it. Top to bottom, inside and out, front to back. Crawl under it and take pictures of *everything.* We don't have access to very many examples like yours.

Take more pictures of every little detail.

And when you get done with that, take more pictures. Describe what the pictures are of. You will be doing a huge service for your fellow 'Bolters. I'll even give you a free lifetime membership to

And did I mention about taking pictures?

Beautiful truck.

Editing for effect. wink My take (co-owner of the truck) can be read in the Gallery story that John wrote up with the history of Ole Charlie. We took a scaled down version of this story ... with lost of pictures, of course, whenever we took Charlie to shows. When one of our grandsons (10) started to go with us to the weekly cruise-in nearby, we had it shortened even more so he was able to talk about the truck! All lots and lots of fun. And what's what it's all about. ~~ Peggy M thumbs_up

Last edited by Peggy M; Thu Apr 20 2023 04:23 PM.


"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers

1927 Chevrolet Capitol 1-Ton Express -- A work in progress
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Joined: Nov 1995
Posts: 6,204
Unrepentant VW Lover
And about going to shows ...

Take it to shows just as it is. Put a big sign on it that says "ALL ORIGINAL, UNMOLESTED AND UNRESTORED" it will draw a crowd.

Hotrodded versions of your truck are common. There were three or four of them at the show I went to last Sunday (mine was the only unmolested, unrestored truck there -- that wasn't just rolling junk being passed off as a "rat rod")
Restored to like original condition versions of your truck are not as common, but still plenty around.
Unrestored, unmolested originals in like new condition like yours -- rare as hens' teeth

A lot of judged shows are just popularity/bling fests. Throw enough money at your truck, and put every chrome doo dad on it from the catalog and you can line your wall with trophies.

Anyone who wouldn't enjoy seeing your truck as is just isn't part of "our" crowd. wink


"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers

1927 Chevrolet Capitol 1-Ton Express -- A work in progress
In Project Journals
1949 Chevrolet 3804
In Gallery Forum
1973 IH 1310 Dump
2014 Ford E-350 4x4 (Quigley)
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Joined: May 2015
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Housekeeping (Moderator) Making a Stovebolt Bed & Paint and Body Shop Forums
Originally Posted by Garry Rhine
Thanks ! This fall i my want to sandblast and paint the frame
Since this is my 1st stovebolt I will ask for advice on how far to go with the resto
Like some of the others said, I wouldn't touch it.

Even sandblasting the frame would be too much for me. Once you start restoring something, you'll soon be neck deep in a multi-year project.

If you're considering restoring it, sell it to me instead. I'll fly down and drive it home. wink

Welcome to Stovebolt smile

Newest Project - 51 Chevy 3100 work truck. Photos []
#2 - '29 Ford pickup restored from the ground up.
First car '29 Ford Special Coupe
Busting rust since the mid-60's
If you're smart enough to take it apart, you darn well better be smart enough to put it back together.
Joined: Apr 2023
Posts: 13
Thanks for all your input ! You guys saved me a lot of work and time .I will leave it unmolested and
Drive and enjoy it 👍👍

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