Seeing that it is my birthday I am hoping to be doing some work on my 66 in the garage. Will be working on the following if anyone needs a place to be:

1. Swapping the rear suspension bars right to left as I installed the wrong way.
2. Finish setting engine and trans in place, then pulling maybe prepping and painting?
3. If I can borrow stud puller again, working the hood dents.
4. Cab bodywork.
5. General shooting the breeze.

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1966 C-10 Step Side. 283, 4spd, 3.73 gear. 60K miles prior to restoration. 507 Paint Code. Currently in 10,000 pieces, but it's starting to go back together.
Rear Suspension is done! Wheels are done! Bed bodywork is done! New 383 and TKO 5 speed in place.