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#1471177 Sat Oct 15 2022 03:14 PM
Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 14
I am preparing to remove the pan on my 216. I never have been crazy about cork gaskets. I know you can’t over torque cork. I know silicone isn’t good on cork. I also know cork conforms to uneven surfaces. I have worked on tons of large Diesels which use paper gaskets on stamped steel oil pans. I am going to attempt to make a paper gasket for the 216. I have measured the thickness of the cork and have some paper that will work. Anybody try this before?

Joined: Feb 2004
Posts: 25,694
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Sounds like a solution looking for a problem. If cork wasn't effective, a few million mechanics over close to 100 years of building these engines must be way wrong. If you don't like the original gasket, use a bead of RTV and really make it look like a shade tree mechanic has been there. That's a lot simpler, quicker, and just as effective as whittling out a paper gasket.

Don't forget to adjust the height of the dipper troughs in the pan to compensate for any change in the block to pan relationship caused by any variation from original by the thickness of the gasket. I believe the factory setting gauge can still be rented from some of the resto-ripoff parts vendors with a big deposit.

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Joined: Mar 2010
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The four piece cork gaskets are a challenge to install, and very easy to install incorrectly. The problem is at the four corners where part of one goes under the other, and none of them seem to want to stay put as you put the heavy pan back on.
Its just one of those things which we must become good at doing.

Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 2,127
Thomaslb I think you can make a paper gasket OK if you get a "scratcher " just have to get thicker paper. On that setting gauge we just took a garden hose to it. My driveline teacher would rod his old 51 till it made a noise,immediatly turn it off pull it home. He'd then say "Chevrolet pull 'er home let er set" ! Then peel the pan off and work the babbitt rods over. There are 2 rods you can change from below by carefully punching the wrist pin over. At that time there were plenty of pans available if you ruined one. This work would be done on a clean patch of mowed lawn !!

52Carl #1471395 Mon Oct 17 2022 10:25 AM
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 2,127
52Carl My 235 had a noise,took the pan down,gasket stayed,changed to -.002 rod bearings I knew this wouldn't fix the noise but bearings were old and dark,noise the same. Later saw-.002 mains 40$ rolled those in fixed it !! Now keeps 30 pound gauge pegged full time. Used a fresh pan set slobbers about like most of them !

Joined: Dec 2021
Posts: 14
So i removed oil pan and found very bottom covered with about 1/2 inch of sludge. removed main bearing and found bearing part number 3782b040. And the rear seal is a rubber style. My parts guy says he can only get 030 bearings. And the number i was using was the federal mogul number. Anybody have any part numbers on Main bearings or rear seal? The bearing looks good but was going to change while the pan is off. Some one has changed the pistons. They are alum. They have conformatic stamped on them. Is that good? The rods are still babbited but look good. Any suggestions?

Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 2,127
Thomaslb Look on the internet for bearings,be careful with your shims (would just deal with one rod at atime so your shims don't get mixed up). I take a .002 feeler gauge cut a square the width of it carefully clamp it in your rod assembly see if it will move (don't turn it much) take out shims till it tightens up end up with all 6 on .002 clearance. On your feeler gauge de-burr it on wet or dry body sand paper 400 grit OK. Take care of your rods good ones are rare now !! Seperate shim layers with an exacto knife,save your take-outs. Have a 235 dipper and a 216 dipper both good trucks use em at times to make money. 216 in a 51 3600 is my winch truck very handy,Mom runs electric winch I shove...does about a ton with 13 ft. 6 gin poles.

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