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TUTS 59 #1474707 Thu Nov 10 2022 03:12 PM
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 11,773
Thanks Peg. Enjoyed meeting you down there a few years back. Haven't seen you much around
the Bolt till lately but then again, I only drive by this way every so often these days. Hope your
doin' all right and sure hope Alvin bounces back. He was always one of my favorite bolters and
couldn't find a nicer guy.
The old man is catchin' up to me, been knockin' on the door all to often lately so I think my
days of traveling the country are behind me. Still driving Old Blue, my '50, but the move to
a bigger place has kept me so busy I don't have the time for all the hobbies that I once did.
Back to Chip now.....just saw this thread yesterday thanks Craig for keeping us informed on
Alvin's progress. I'll be stopping by a little more often to see how the old dude is doing.
I was tellin' him for years to leave those biscuits and gravy alone.....they'll clog ya up,
somethin' like not changin' the oil in your Stovebolt.
Ya'll take care now,
Denny G
Sandwich, IL

TUTS 59 #1474713 Thu Nov 10 2022 03:51 PM
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 4,261

Good to hear a little more from you. That "old man" seems to be lingering about here and there. cantlook

You all ... you'll never guess. I think one of Alvin's first days to get out on his own, making a trip to the dentist, he stopped to get a small burger. thumbs_up He's being careful to watch what he eats. Next visit >>>> biscuit and egg at Bojangles. I hope they are good to his tummy. wink

Peggy M
Bird's eye view is a bit different than the worm's ~~ and it ISN'T about food. wink
TUTS 59 #1474763 Thu Nov 10 2022 09:27 PM
Joined: Dec 2001
Posts: 15,914
First off thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.
This has really been a long journey that started back in August.
I am getting much better but still a ways to go. Mostly pain in the lower left side but its better as the days go by. I am now taking the rough road, No meds as I didn't like them anyway. The side effects bothered even my vision as well as making me weak and agitated.
I've talked to TuT a couple times and he can vouch for me that my voice was almost gone. I suppose from all the tubes that were stuck down my throat through the two surgeries. Its getting better but after about 5 minutes it starts going away. Still, its improving.....and yes, agitation, it seems after about 5 minutes I just didn't want to talk anymore, or may listen. Even to my own kids!!

I did sneak to Bojangles the other morning for an egg biscuit. I found they will cook me one without using any oil since I am not to eat anything greasy or fried. I do try just a little and see what happens but for now most everything is grilled. To start with the doctor wasn't sure and had me on nothing but beef or chicken broth for over a week...then it was oatmeal and grits. FINALLY, my daughter went with me to a doctor appt and boy did she advocate for me. Ended up sending me to hospital that evening, taking my gallbladder out the next evening and back home the next. Appts every two weeks trying to see the doctor, get ultrasounds and x-rays was something else. The doctor doesn't get involved in the appointments, just says come back in two weeks and some lady gives you the date......after my daughter finished her speech about how HE needed to get involved instead of letting me suffer things started moving along.

I walked up my street each day from my mailbox to the telephone pole....exactly 155 steps each way. It was the very best I could do for a while. Today its raining and I'm in the house so I'll walk up and down the hall for a little while!
Still a way to go but little by little. Luckily I could set in the dentist chair long enough to get them cleaned. I've just been tired of all thats went on.

Denny, good to hear from you and again thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I'm getting better and will try check in a little more often.
Lots more I could add to all this but need to get up and move......time for a boiled egg and some left over grilled chicken nuggets.
Thanks everyone.

1937 Chevy Pickup []

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1952 Chevy Panel []

1950 Chevy Coupe

I'd rather walk and carry a Chevy hub cap than ride in a Ferd.
I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you smile
TUTS 59 #1474764 Thu Nov 10 2022 09:31 PM
Joined: Sep 2010
Posts: 1,909
back yard wrench turner
Good to hear from you Alvin.


When I die, I hope she doesn't sell everything for what I told her I paid for it!

1938 1-Ton Farm Truck
Stovebolt Gallery Forums
TUTS 59 #1474774 Thu Nov 10 2022 10:06 PM
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 11,454
Grease Monkey, Moderator General Truck Talk & Greasy Spoon and HiPo Forum
Way to go Alvin, you got this!

'62 Chevy C-10 Stepside Shortbed (Restomod in progress)
'47 Chevy 3100 5 Window (long term project)
‘65 Chevy Biscayne 4dr 230 I-6 one owner (I’m #2) “Emily”
‘39 Dodge Businessmans Coupe “Clarence”

"I fought the law and the law won" now I are a retired one!
Support those brave men/women who stand the "Thin Blue Line"! Hug a cop!
USAF 1965-1969 Weather Observation Tech (I got paid to look at the clouds)

TUTS 59 #1474783 Thu Nov 10 2022 11:10 PM
Joined: May 2015
Posts: 6,623
Housekeeping (Moderator) Making a Stovebolt Bed & Paint and Body Shop Forums
Way to go Alvin. thumbs_up

Looks like your fingers are doing well. wink

Your daughter did good. smile

Keep on trucking. Good to hear from you.

Newest Project - 51 Chevy 3100 work truck. Photos []
#2 - '29 Ford pickup restored from the ground up.
First car '29 Ford Special Coupe
Busting rust since the mid-60's
If you're smart enough to take it apart, you darn well better be smart enough to put it back together.
TUTS 59 #1474785 Thu Nov 10 2022 11:18 PM
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 5,232
Drafted Moderator!
Good to hearAlvin! I showed Vicki this and she was really pleased and said to say Hi!


Of all the things I've lost in my life, I miss my mind the most!

1967 GMC 9500 Fire Ladder Truck
"The Flag Pole"
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TUTS 59 #1474797 Fri Nov 11 2022 12:32 AM
Joined: Nov 1995
Posts: 5,736
Unrepentant VW Lover
Well done, Alvin! Keep charging! Give your daughter a hug for all of us -- You need a doberman in the family when dealing with the medicals these days.


"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers

'49 Chevrolet 3804
'73 IH 1310 Dump
'14 Ford E-350 4x4 (Quigley)

TUTS 59 #1474806 Fri Nov 11 2022 01:06 AM
Joined: Feb 2019
Posts: 3,116
AD Addict
Great to see your back on the ‘bolt. Well wishes for your continued recovery!

Moderator, The Engine Shop & Interiors

1952 Chevrolet 3100
Project Journals
Stovebolt Gallery Forum

‘59 235 w/hydraulic lifters
“Three on the Tree” & 4:11 torque tube
12v w/ Alternator
TUTS 59 #1474837 Fri Nov 11 2022 09:51 AM
Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 1,065
Alvin I’ve got a Doberman but she has a tail but she would help if needed

57 3200 pickup 265 V8 with service tray
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