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RP14 #1470926 Thu Oct 13 2022 12:41 PM
Joined: Sep 2020
Posts: 42
RP14 Offline OP
Makes me nervous to start tearing down things as I do not know what the future brings. But I am still going to go forward with the complete teardown as my original plan was to get it running and drive it, Just getting tired of going back and redoing things the second time. Besides there are a lot of things that will take time and extra effort just to get it running.

Already working on finding crate boxed for parts, building a cab dolly and figuring out what and where to put the frame after it is cleaned and painted, etc. Unsure how I'll do the front clip, someone mentioned it's easier to work on when fully assembled as there are a few dents and rust spots in it. Will see after the frame and cab is done. Drivetrain will have to wait till next year or so.
So much on my mind, not enough time.

54 GMC 150-24 Truck
RP14 #1470961 Thu Oct 13 2022 04:24 PM
Joined: Feb 2001
Posts: 7,557
Take pictures and more pictures and good luck.

Ron, The Computer Greek
I love therefore I am.

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RP14 #1470976 Thu Oct 13 2022 06:00 PM
Joined: May 2015
Posts: 7,000
Housekeeping (Moderator) Making a Stovebolt Bed & Paint and Body Shop Forums
It's like eating an elephant. Just take one bite at a time. grin

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If you're smart enough to take it apart, you darn well better be smart enough to put it back together.
RP14 #1471870 Fri Oct 21 2022 01:46 PM
Joined: Sep 2020
Posts: 42
RP14 Offline OP
Going to start on the rear end section and get the axle/springs off, order parts, clean up and paint. Then maybe start removing all of the wiring and electrical, switches, etc. so I can make a new harness for it (snow day project). And see what other parts to add to the parts order list. Looking for any other surprises? I'm picking up a couple wood boxes from customer so I can store safely out of the way.
Noticed some plates welded onto the frame, probably for holding something onto truck? Will be grinding those off and make smooth, other side shows no cracks or anything. When I took the wood bed off, it wasn't mounted on there, just bolts welded together to make u bolts to hold the bed down.

Attached Images
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54 GMC 150-24 Truck
RP14 #1471977 Sat Oct 22 2022 04:09 AM
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 2,207
Fox Offline
A teacher, but always an apprentice.
I really like the look of this old workhorse.

This may also sound ridiculous, but if you can manage it a second truck can really help you out. I have done 1 truck, am working on a second, and have been helping my pa in law do his 47 Stylemaster. On each project we have purchased a complete parts vehicle. One that is assembled but usually beat to snot. These old scrappers have been an amazing resource. It is like a puzzle’s box lid to see how your truck goes together. It may also provide the odd piece here and there, a measurement, or a place for kids/grandkids to play in. I have NEVER regretted buying one of them. The only problem I’ve had so far is that they are still around. 😀 My kids overheard me talking about selling the parts C20 truck when I finish my C10 and grew quite concerned. “You’re not selling our truck, are you?!”

Oh boy…they’re calling it “theirs.”

I’m outta here.

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More pictures here []

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Fox #1471992 Sat Oct 22 2022 02:00 PM
Joined: Sep 2020
Posts: 42
RP14 Offline OP
Wife will not allow me to get another truck, but I do have 1, possibly 2 trucks I can get my hands on. A 49 Dodge 1 ton grain truck and a mid 50's Chevy panel service truck or whatever they are called. Eyeing more towards the service truck or suburban, no windows on rear section other than rear. Need to look for the pics.
Right now going to stick with my 54 GMC and go from there. Maybe wife will let me get the other truck.

54 GMC 150-24 Truck
RP14 #1471995 Sat Oct 22 2022 02:22 PM
Joined: Jul 2000
Posts: 119
If you're thinking about the panel truck or a suburban, consider that the road visibility (to either side) from the driver's seat is quite bad with the panel truck. Huge blind spots.

The burb has windows on the side which enhances the visibility tremendously.

Also, the burb is more family friendly (more seats) and therefore might be more appealing to the boss. ;-)

Cheers, Dean

Dean 'Rustoholic' Meltz
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RP14 #1481838 Thu Jan 05 2023 02:32 PM
Joined: Sep 2020
Posts: 42
RP14 Offline OP
Just an update. With as much snow as we have gotten, the truck has been on hold as I am supposed to have it outside the work shop at work during business hours. Even though I have ignored the request of getting it back out. But when the cold weather hits, we get more units on trailers and at times need the work space. Have been researching places to buy parts here and there and hopefully be ready for when I pull the axle to clean and repair (weld) the shock mount, reassemble the brakes and lines and of course the wiring. Hopefully be able to reuse the old dash componets. Makes me nervous getting that far into the truck, but it always makes me finish what I have started. Talking to my boss about the truck, he said that I am known not to leave anything half assed. Especially my jobs too, lol.

I have decided to start doing what I mentioned above and hoping the engine is a good runner, even though it ran for few seconds. Unsure where to start on the truck as I just am going to work it a little at a time and at least have a daily driver to and from work which is a short mile away and a small town. I can at least have fun driving it.

Need to find a radiator (stock), tires and seat covers. Might just use duct tape and a blanket for now till I decide on colors.

54 GMC 150-24 Truck
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