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Joined: Feb 2011
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Edits to make it related to proper trucks.
I've looked at so many old GM truck ad's for the 50's. I have a very difficult time figuring out why, if someone is selling a vehicle that they won't wash it and clean it up a bit?
I've seen pictures of inside the cabs and it looks like a garbage dump. When ever I have sold something I wash it wax it and make sure its vacuumed out etc.
Oh as far as these old trucks I just can't believe the prices on pure junk. Do the people not realize the cost and effort to fix major rust outs, and body work and paint?
Does anyone else see it?

Last edited by Truckrolet; Sat Oct 01 2022 05:29 AM.

Kicking self for selling off my Taskforce trucks.
Still looking for an LCF or conventional big bolt in decent shape.

As of 10-26-2022, A 55.2 Taskforce long bed now the work begins
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Interesting observation. Open for discussion but please keep it Chevy/GMC related.

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Fox Offline
A teacher, but always an apprentice.
I just figure if the truck is that dirty, not upkept, they most not actually want to sell it! 😂

I like it when an ad says, “This AD truck is super rare…”

Righhhhtttttt….GM only made 1/2 million in 1950 alone. (Granted there are some actual rare ones)

As for junk, they want gold for it. Complete trash trucks around here sometimes are listed for up to $5000. They are barely usable for parts.

I read an article a while back about how some models of our trucks can be built with all new components. The WHOLE truck. Frame, cabs, fenders, electrical, EVERYTHING….

Could you imagine? 🤔

Rust? What rust? Truck building is easy!

Last edited by Fox; Sat Oct 01 2022 03:49 AM.

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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 1,260
I just looked at some ad's a few minutes ago. 5 to 12 K for rusted non running task force. Oh and called a few days ago about a Blue chip I think the fellow was asking around 30k for it. Super nice paint job he paid a ransom for. But just all the same old everything running gear and brakes wise nothing fixed there. So likely the same old bearings and seals, u joints and on and on. For 30K? gosh you'd think it should be a brand new truck for that. I've even seen some folks asking 20k for what is basically a project. So what is it driving these prices a blue book or what?
And yes you can build a truck with new sheet metal, 14k for a new cab with nothing in it. But you can not get a new factory type frame, or steering column, or floor mat, and a few other little important things. A concours restoration would be very very difficult.
I goofed up selling my trucks some years ago. And before that I missed some really good deals because had no place to put them.

Here is an example of over priced junk, read the description about the rust etc. And no pads on the pedals, not the only top dollar one with no pads. I'll remove the ad when it is no longer any good.

Last edited by Truckrolet; Sat Oct 01 2022 06:10 AM.

Kicking self for selling off my Taskforce trucks.
Still looking for an LCF or conventional big bolt in decent shape.

As of 10-26-2022, A 55.2 Taskforce long bed now the work begins
Joined: Oct 2021
Posts: 1,617
I see those sorts of ads all the time. Four pictures from bad angles and hardly any description. Filthy dirty, etc.

I saw an AD 1 ton with no headlights, fuel can on the running board with a hose going into the hood, old newspaper or fast food trash on the floorboard, etc. What the heck is this idiot thinking?

Then of course there are the rust buckets growing weeds in the bed with four flat tires, sitting in a field. All original! Will make great project or rat rod! $20k!

I don't think people are actually paying these prices. I think they're ads by people who watch BJ and Mecum auctions too much and think any old car is a ticket to their retirement.

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Joined: Apr 2008
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And parts are through the roof too!! Doesn't make sense!

Joined: Mar 2004
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Not taking sides here, but in the ad Truckolet gave that guy might be into that truck for close to his asking price especially if he's counting his time. He mentioned he's only had it for a few he a car flipper?

As for parts being high priced, the source is drying up fast as there aren't many junk yards left with old cars and truck to pick's to small of a market for the yards to hold onto this stuff now.

Mike B smile

Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 1,260
Yeah I don't like the high prices, that who knows could hit bottom some day. I just do understand the literal junk or scrap, with a nutso price.
Something else that is goofy, I see these super high price resto mods that are not even done very good but have nice paint, and fancy seats etc. yet the original clutch-brake pedals don't even have the rubber pads on them? Gosh like 7 or so bucks for those and they are asking 60k?
And some people are buying them there was one at a fancy car place near by that is no longer advertised. It is really too bad that so many of these old trucks have been messed up and trashed then given up on. I can understand doing a few things that make them a bit safer to drive, but doing it with out drilling a hole or welding or messing something up to do it. Number 1 safety item is dual brake master cylinder and not putting it where it was not put by the factory.

Kicking self for selling off my Taskforce trucks.
Still looking for an LCF or conventional big bolt in decent shape.

As of 10-26-2022, A 55.2 Taskforce long bed now the work begins
Joined: Dec 2018
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Truckrolet It's just gold diggers that watch the auctions ,clean,atraight,rust free sheet metal is now worth a lot. With body shop work prices out of sight better shop in the desserts.

Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 4,300
What little I've seen in helping out in the Swap Meet of late, much of this stuff is not like it use to be. One I recall was a very small part, sorta reasonably priced but almost $10 for shipping. The part would have easily fit in an envelope and mailed.

Even with personal stuff, that old "shipping and handling fee" can be a bummer.

The other big surprise in SM was one guy wanting to sell his truck but will part it out if no takers. Amazing days.

Good discussion here. thumbs_up

Peggy M
Bird's eye view is a bit different than the worm's ~~ and it ISN'T about food. wink
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