Pass. side fender support bracket. Goes from rad. support to fender, UNDER the fender, in the wheel well- 50.00

Firewall to Inner Fender strut support rods.Fit UNDER the hood. ( pair) . Nice, clean, painted, 45.00 pair.

47-53 New, Old (From 1980 never used) Front filler panel. Between grille and bumper.120.00

Old 50's Frantz Oil Filters. Toilet Paper Type. Made in Stockton,Ca. 75.00ea.

Lots of "3on the tree column shifter rods,, And assemblies. Different sizes and shapes. 10-15.00 ea.

Lots of Carburetor linkage rods,, different sizes and configurations. 5-10 ea.

Lots of inline glass bowl fuel filters,,A-C, CARTER, ETC,,,,,10.00+ UP.

Dashboard repair patch piece,,,if your 47-53 dash has been hacked up,, comes with the radio filler plate piece also. 75.00

PM me for pics to your phone.

Coming soon,== wiper motors, wiper arm sets, inner door parts, Ranco valves , Window trim / door trim/ windshield trim for 47- 54.