NOTE= NOT MINE. you must text me (717) 395- three one one nine for farther information. I am just posting this information here for those that are looking for a Cheap T5 trans with "cable" Drive Speedometer.
I went there on July 13 and bought some parts for my SUV and found this in yard, It had just arrived in the yard. I am not pulling this for anyone. I have already too many transmissions in my shop and i dont need more.
you must bring your own tools and pull it out yourself
PRICE is $200
It is Near Harrisburg PA
It was written on windshield Fuel pump Bad, I think it had 168,000 miles
for those dont understand U pull yard Polices. ALL PARTS ARE SOLD AS-IS. NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES So it could be good and it could bad. that is the chance you take.
SORRY I am Not interested in Pulling this for anyone, as I dont want to deal with issues and not interested in getting shipping quotes. As of July 13 it was still in the truck.
TEXT me if interested in this at 717 395 three one one nine
I will give you information of the yard
dont message me here as i wont see it for a long time. as I dont log on here too often