Mike, et al

Admittedly, the guidelines for posting images has been a series of patches. We're trying to pull together all the info we have gotten so far in order to put out an easier-to-follow instruction. The guidelines started out a one-pager that was only viewable as a download.

It took a bit to find all the *parts* we needed to get this engine to turn over. (You know that drill: what about? How about? Maybe? What'd we forget this time? Who'd we forget?) Now we are in the trouble-shooting phase (obviously). These testing "posts" are helpful to determine the tweaks. We hope in the end, posting images will be as easy as turning over a well-tuned motor.

Thanks for all this input. Keep 'em coming.

[Feels like we are building The Ark ... a spot for every size (platform) big_eek ]

Peggy M
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