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#1450285 Mon May 02 2022 04:46 PM
Joined: Jan 2017
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idaho39 Offline OP
Retired Construction Worker
I have not ,,but I seen my dad put one in the old home made bug (tractor) we had .. this photo made me think of it .although this is a out side fix not an inside one I edited this as I did put a boot in a tire I had on my 53 Chevy as it would wear out a tire every weekend .I finally had to change out the a lower nad upper arms and king pins ,and then sold it to a firend that took me when we were kids selling me a bad bicyle.

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I used to sew up torn sidewalls on dirt track racing tires with stainless steel aircraft safety wire, and glue a boot inside to keep the wire from chafing the inner tube. Those tires worked pretty well for a low bucks racing team!

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A few times on my own tires back in the mid-late ‘60s. Poor kid who couldn’t afford new tires. By the time I left the parts business in the early ‘70s and got into the repair business, boots had gone out of favor. We did a few for local farmers just trying to get by. My mechanics didn’t like to do them because it cut into their wrenching time where they got commission.

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Joined: Jan 2017
Posts: 856
idaho39 Offline OP
Retired Construction Worker
Originally Posted by Hotrod Lincoln
I used to sew up torn sidewalls on dirt track racing tires with stainless steel aircraft safety wire, and glue a boot inside to keep the wire from chafing the inner tube. Those tires worked pretty well for a low bucks racing team!
Never heard of stiching a tire up , interesting ,,but,,my dad booted lots of tires durring the second world war as you had to have script from the government to buy tires at that time.. they were rationed ,,he told me of using a chunk cut out of another tire and sticking it inside the tire needing a boot ,,for the lumber trucks to keep them going ,,,,,,,,,,,,, this was around Deadwood and Custer South Dakota

Directions are just another mans Opinion

Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 3,055
Boots were an everyday thing during WW2 and some stations had a "vulcanizer" to bond live rubber into the sidewall of a tire. Had sulfur in a shallow cup that was set on fire to melt the rubber into the damaged area. When we made our war time annual trip to Sioux Falls the eight of us jammed into our 1936 Nash which had two spares, patches, boots, tire irons and a hand tire pump. My mother had a gallon of lemonade and sandwiches to fuel the tire changes. 120 mile trip took half a day. Never used that creative outside boot.

Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 3,872
I once saw a rear tire on a tractor that had a boot bolted on. The boot itself was on the inside, but ends of the bolts with the nuts on were outside.


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Up here we have tundra tires on supercubs and other small off airport airplanes. When someone rips or punctures a tire the only way to get out is to cut the tire open and fill it with moss then sew it up with safety wire or paracord.

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Posts: 3,055
I know that works cause we filled our bike tires with oats and friction taped the tire to the rim.

Joined: May 2006
Posts: 1,137
I have never put a boot on a tire...I have met some people that could have used a boot.

Last edited by tom moore; Tue May 03 2022 01:34 PM.
Joined: Sep 2013
Posts: 1,421
I watched Dad make and install boots in the front yard on the family truck in the 50's and 60's. My experience has been limited to tractors and pneumatic tired equipment used on the place. It's fairly common for me or one of the brothers to put a 3-point decking rack on and skid logs with a 50ish hp tractor. Sticking a stob in a rear tire sometimes happens when skidding logs. Rather than having to junk a hundreds of dollar tire, a boot is a much better option. A homemade boot can be permanent repair, but sometimes they'll gall the tube and you gotta do it again. When making a DIY boot, one of the secrets is beveling the edges of the boot so it makes a very gradual transition to the tire. If you can get a trailer to the tractor, load it and head to the B&B tire shop in Sheridan and Steve or one of his crew will install a boot without removing the tire/wheel, while the tractors on the trailer. That's the easy button.


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