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Joined: Jan 2017
Posts: 856
idaho39 Offline OP
Retired Construction Worker
Originally Posted by WE b OLD
I forgot to push it in my 54 this week and after a few miles it was running rough and it did not help that I left the electric fuel pump on.
At least you did remember it after only a bit... Good going
My older brother borrowed my 65 and before he left with it I told hm how to use the choke.. he forgot and bent my choke wire and when he brought it back he said to me Boy ! your truck for being new sure runs terrible .but,,that he fixed the problem ,, he had a guy set the carb so it would run better ,,that was the only time I ever got mad at my brother.. tonite I got a guy from this forum coming to my house to look the situation over .. nice forum ,with nice people in this forum..

Directions are just another mans Opinion

Joined: Jan 2017
Posts: 856
idaho39 Offline OP
Retired Construction Worker
Up date on my emissions failing .. first of all I want to share with you about what a great young man we have here on the forum.. he drove over here to my place across town and fixed my choke wire that some one before me had used the whole (nine yards as to say) and had it curled up under the dash and run through the fire wall at also a bad angle ..therefore to long and crooked for the hard wire in the flex casing to be able to move the carburtor butterfly shut or closed. He shortened it and it works fine now ..

He took down my carburator number before he left and will be coming back neext week to do some changes with the slow idle that will make the truck pass emissions when I go back again,,,by the way he has a real cool old truck too that he got from his grandmother .. he put a new Chevy 2000 motor in it and it looks real good in there.

His name on this forum is Fibonachu ,,I am glad to have such a nice guy close by in town here that just loves working on old cars and trucks,,,,,,,,,,, I thank you Jason

Directions are just another mans Opinion

Joined: Jan 2017
Posts: 856
idaho39 Offline OP
Retired Construction Worker
Update ,.Fibonachu came today and reset my carburator,,,he tuned it to a leaner mix and now the choke works for a cold start and it's now a turn key and it starts right up.. Next Monday is show time at the emissions testing place

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Directions are just another mans Opinion

Joined: Feb 2001
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I actually richened it up. It was running so lean at idle that it wasn't consistently combusting. We threw my wideband on it and found that it was flickering between 17 and open air. When we richened it up, the idle smoothed out, we picked up quite a bit more vacuum, and got the AFR down to about 14.2. That leaves it a hair richer than stoich, but I prefer to be slightly on the rich side.

I generally recommend not counting chickens and all that, but I am pretty confident it will pass just fine now.

It is a real nice rig. I look forward to seeing it on the road more. By the way, Idaho39 has great pie. Thanks again!

58 Apache, long bed fleetside, V8 w/SM420
Drivable but the rear axle needs work.
Joined: Oct 2001
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here in Washington you only had to test in a few heavily populated counties. After a couple of dozen years, the state realized that only a tiny fraction of cars were failing, and the ones that did were so few that environmental problems were miniscule So they dropped the requirement.

Last edited by Jim Bow; Fri Apr 01 2022 08:41 PM.

"Happiness equals reality minus expectations" - Tom Magliozzi
Joined: Jan 2017
Posts: 856
idaho39 Offline OP
Retired Construction Worker
I have had good luck with Quadrajet Carburetors in my past Chevy Trucks ,,but as of late been convinced that a Edelbrock is the one to go to ,,to pass the Idaho emission test.. I will share with you the outcome after the install of the Edelbrock Carb by Fibonachu who is guiding me in the right direction about the Carburetor problems I have been having.

Directions are just another mans Opinion

Joined: Feb 2004
Posts: 25,363
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A brand new Edelbrock makes a good paperweight. It's a pretty poor quality "clone" of a Carter AFB, and it's definitely a giant leap backwards from a Q-Jet. One that's been run tends to stink up the paper, though!

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Joined: Jan 2017
Posts: 856
idaho39 Offline OP
Retired Construction Worker
Jerry ..why do you say that,, ,, your one of my go to guy .. ..when I read this .......... Edelbrock #1406 600 CFM Performer 4 Barrel Carburetor
Best Edelbrock carburetors for Chevy 350

Directions are just another mans Opinion

Joined: Apr 2005
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Grease Monkey, Moderator General Truck Talk & Greasy Spoon and HiPo Forum
I suspect it has a lot to do with where the Edelbrock carburetor and internal parts are manufactured. They are not the quality they use to be. Some people have great results with them and some (me included) have nothing but trouble. If you are a good carburetor tuner you can make the necessary changes to make them run like a scalded cat. For some the Holley is just as bad. I’m currently running a Holley on my 450hp 350 in the ‘62 C-10. Starts easy and runs very strong. Fuel mileage sucks. When I get the time I’m going to go through my stash of Quadrajet carbs and build one up to replace the Holley as an experiment. Good luck

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