complete with carb and oil bath (cleaned and stored in box). I pulled this engine 10 years ago from a running 1956 truck. Always stored indoors until now. Presently sealed with duct tape and sitting in the snow beside my garage due to lack of space. It is a shame to leave it. This is the high oil pressure 235 engine. I appreciate and enjoy the Stovebolt site, I consider myself a Bolter as I have completed a 51 GMC 1 ton which i drive on a regular basis. This engine should have gone into my 51 but at the last minute I choose to go the original 216. The 235 Block No.3837004, Stamp No. 023537 -OF56Z, Head No. 3836848. Asking $1K CDN. plus shipping. I am located in St. Albert, Albert, Canada. I can prepare for shipping and arrange shipment. I will attempt to attach a couple of pics, it looks like the SB rules allow pics under 5MB, I have never tried to create a link so I will attach pics. I also have the SM420 4 speed transmission that was originally on this engine, and possibly will sell that also.

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