I never drive her and I stopped working on her, so I think it’s time to see if someone else could enjoy my truck. Seeing if I get any interest.
I have a garaged 1953 GMC 3/4 ton. It was sold to me as a 1ton but people here have told me it’s a 3/4 ton based on the chassis. It’s a long bed either way. She is fairly stock and original. I upgraded the master cylinder 2 years ago. I rebuilt the starter when I first got her. I haven’t started her in at least a year but she ran and drove fine then. Will pull her out and make sure that is still the case. The paint is not the best and has chips in places. There is a little rust on the bottom corner of the right side of the cab. None of the dash cluster currently works. She is still a 6volt truck. Probably needs a new battery.
If you are looking for an original truck this is the one. I am in Los Angeles.

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