Betty White's passing made me stop and wonder who (in the entertainment world) might still be 100 and alive. I found a couple:

Al Jaffee (of MAD Magazine fame). Al is the one who created the tongue-in-cheek satire of Playboy's Fold-Out. In MAD it was the "Fold-In" (for those who remember). Reading about Al, I noticed Charles Schultz once remarked "this guy can make a cartoon out of anything." Al's the guy who drew all the screwball machines in Mad, also.

And Walter Mirisch. The Mirisch Corp brought us some great movies..."The Magnificent Seven," "Scorpio," "The Apartment," "In The Heat of the Night," "West Side Story," "The Party," "The Pink Panther," and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" are a few.


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