I have always said "Do your homework", well this time I did and it really paid off. I had been scratching my head for months trying to figure how to mount the shifter for the Muncie farther forward. I researched different books and diagrams trying to find anything that looked like it would work and found nothing. Then just last week I happened on a web site "GM Classics.com" they specialize in restoration parts for Chevelle's, Camaro's and Nova's. They had a Hurst Shifter install kit for the 63'-67' Nova (Chevy II), it moves the shifter up to the factory 3 speed floor mount location. "BINGO", nanner I looked the kit over and called their Tech Rep, he was thoroughly knowledgeable on the small bodied Nova's and discussed which tailshaft my Muncie had. It turns out that the tailshaft I had was the 6 hole version required for the kit to work. A few minutes more and the kit was on it's way. That was Monday.

Fast forward to today Thursday, the kit was sent UPS and was waiting when I got home. thumbs_up I had the basic layout of the instructions and in less than 2 hours the shifter was mounted. ANOTHER BIG ISSUE OFF MY LIST. dance It mounted up so easy I thought I had missed something, I had My Loving Bride row through the gears as I watched form underneath for any clearance problems, none. The only thing I may need to do is lengthen the shift lever, that won't be determined until I mount the seat... years form now. grin

I will pull the shifter back out and powder coated a few pieces but other than that I couldn't be more pleased smile.... Next step the clutch and hydraulic line's. Things are really starting to take shape I LOVE IT !!

PS: I thought I would include the Part Numbers for future reference:
GM Tail Shaft Housing; 3857584
GM Classics Shifter Kit; 20017
GM Classics Spacer Kit; 20007

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Muncie Tailshaft.jpg (233.2 KB, 15 downloads)
Muncie Tailshaft
Shifter Mount.jpg (200.54 KB, 15 downloads)
Shifter Mount
Hurst Competion Plus.jpg (157.79 KB, 14 downloads)
Hurst Competition Plus
Hurst Shifter Kit.jpg (287.29 KB, 14 downloads)
Shifter Mounted
Shifter Lever.jpg (325.22 KB, 13 downloads)
Shift Lever Location
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