Recently a bolter told me that he had gone to and gotten a message that had been hacked and all login information was compromised. The message directed him to change his password, which he did.

If you have changed your password based on such a message, you should assume that your account is now compromised. You should let me know by sending an email to and I will reset your password to prevent the hacker from using your account.

The Stovebolt site has never been hacked. Since taking over the technical duties of the site, I have worked diligently to ensure that all traffic was secure and not easy to hack. If you get a message that the site has been hacked, look at the web address. It's likely not Stovebolt. Hackers and scammers are notorious for using look-alikes to fool users. Things like St0vebolt or Stoveboit can fook you into thinking you are on our site.

Whenever you get a message telling you that a site has been hacked, DO NOT follow the instructions on the screen. Type in the name of the site, and search for it. Or, if you know the web address, type it in yourself. When you get to the real site, search for the word "Compromise" or "hack". If a site has been hacked, they will usually have a page informing you of the details and explaining what action, if any, you should take personally.

Paul Schmehl CI 6
Stovebolt Staff: Geek