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Positive thinking ...
We are still asking:
What did you
get done on
your Bolt today

The question, initially posted May 23, 2005, was:
"Whatcha do on your Bolt
this weekend?"

After 51,906,997 views, 7378 replies over 185 pages, this thread in General Truck Talk is a happening! And it's not just weekends anymore.

Now with pictures
and No BOTS.

So ...

What did you get done on your Bolt today????

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Re: Power steering in a 58 Viking 60?
AZChris #1410586 Thu May 20 2021 11:08 AM
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 2,996
The ram type p/s was also used in many construction and farm equipment applications. Our 20,000# fork lift has a 10,000# counter weight right on the steering (rear) wheels and it steers with a spinner knob.

Re: Power steering in a 58 Viking 60?
AZChris #1410591 Thu May 20 2021 12:18 PM
Joined: Nov 1995
Posts: 5,396
Unrepentant VW Lover
I realize that it is too late for this particular truck, but I will ask for the benefit of those who read this post at some point who may be considering doing the same thing ... So please indulge me ... (yes, one of my hot button topics ... wave

Why was it felt necessary to add power steering?

On both of the 2-tons I have owned (one a low-mileage original firetruck and the other a ground up/frame off resto I did), neither had power steering. What they did have were properly adjust front ends, good ball joints on the tie rods, unworn/new king pins, rebuilt or properly adjust steering boxes. Both of them steered easily with one finger (while moving ... wink ... and when stationary, you shouldn't be grinding the tires anyway) -- *very* close to what power steering would do.

Some people have very legitimate reasons for wanting to add power steering. But I think a lot of people may just jump to that decision without ever having driven one of these trucks with a properly maintained and adjusted front end. My '65 GMC fire truck was incredibly easy to steer, even when at max gross weight -- Why? With only 8,000 miles on it, it had a like new front end. No wear to the ball joints, king pins or steering box. Tires were properly inflated and the front end was still aligned to where the factory had set it. As proved by my '49, no reason any of these old trucks can't steer just as well if the front end is restored to factory specs.

You want the front end back in spec anyway, right? And doing so will put you easily within 90 percent of what power steering (subjective estimate wink ) will do for you at *zero* percent of the cost and effort of adding power steering. So if you are going to do that *anyway*, why not at least pause there to see if it gets you where you want to be before going to a lot of possibly needless expense and effort?

Again, the OP could have very good reasons for wanting P/S. I just raise the question to help those who may *not*.

Carry on.

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Re: Power steering in a 58 Viking 60?
AZChris #1410630 Thu May 20 2021 03:39 PM
Joined: May 2005
Posts: 9,185
John raises some good points.

I added power steering to my 1 ton then moved that (custom) setup to the 2 ton, and while it was nice in both trucks it wasn't all that necessary.
Next for my GMC 1 ton I'm rebuilding a front axle and will go through the steering box and stick with the original setup. Much simpler (the main attraction) and less expense, and I don't expect to desire power steering very often if at all with that all done correctly.

Also to the earlier point about using undersized components on a big truck; I am also concerned about that. I find it hard to think of an excuse to justify cutting corners on steering or braking systems, which we can all agree are critically important. Saying it might be OK because you don't have potholes or some may say I only drive it a few times a year is kind of missing the point about building and maintaining a safe vehicle not only for your own benefit but for benefit of others around you. Also think to the future (that you can't actually predict) and how might someone unaware of the now built in limitations use and drive the truck, they may see and use it for the truck it was/should be.


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Re: Power steering in a 58 Viking 60?
AZChris #1410926 Sat May 22 2021 04:48 PM
Joined: Feb 2004
Posts: 24,250
Kettle Custodian (pot stirrer)
For some steering boost without a lot of butchery, how about adding an electric power unit between the dash and the firewall? That will require modifying the worm gear shaft and the mast jacket, but it won't need anything other than replacing the steering gear to go back to original if you don't like the results.

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Re: Power steering in a 58 Viking 60?
AZChris #1413018 Mon Jun 07 2021 08:24 PM
Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 20
I've got lots of upper body strength so I don't need power steering. But my daughters.. don't. I'd like them to be able to drive my bus, and power steering would go a long way towards that goal.

Mine has the steering gear outside the frame with the Pitman arm vertical, moving fore and aft. It's a 1965 C60.

The Cadillac V8 under its hood has a great power steering pump mount, so that's three bolts and done. Would I be able to find a Saginaw gear from a later truck that has the P/S built in, and bolt that on? Would I have to install an extra plate into the frame to stiffen it? And if I got an '80s one that said 'Metric' on it, what would be the practical difference? Would the Pitman shaft splines/diameter be different or just the fasteners?

Re: Power steering in a 58 Viking 60?
AZChris #1413309 Wed Jun 09 2021 04:21 PM
Joined: Dec 2015
Posts: 2,289
Big Bolt Forum Moderator
I just got back from a camping trip, pulling my 35' trailer with my 58 2-ton, I can palm the wheel backing it into a camping spot, no need for power steering, an if I can palm the wheel with one hand, my wife or daughter could easily turn it. Now, parallel parking it and trying to turn the wheels while not rolling at all, may be a different story.


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Re: Power steering in a 58 Viking 60?
AZChris #1413378 Thu Jun 10 2021 02:45 AM
Joined: Jun 2011
Posts: 4,454
Someone is making a box that fits in the original location, just outside the frame, uses original 3 mounting bolts. Perhaps it is CPP. Need to make sure it is up to C60 weight. Search on EBay.


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