This thread was a "place holder" while I at least acknowledged all the donations from 2020. I finally got the Thanks Page done and actually several years covered. So, that's all done. (Could use a little purdying up ... someday. headscratch )

Sorry, it took a little while.

So, here are the donors for 2021 January and February.

David "DavidBraley" Braley
Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus
Brian Tomlinson
Kevin "klhansen" Hansen
Wayne "Wayne67vert" Malm
Jim Franklin
Patrick "Pat66" McMullen
Tim Lederman

Thanks to everyone who helps keep this site *out there* ... so far, *our culture* hasn't been cancelled .. don't think so??? headscratch


Let me know if I've got a glitch. I'm thick skinned and I have goofed plenty! dang

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The first five days after the weekend are the hardest.