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Hello there ...
We have a request from "Harold46".


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Cost ?
#1398371 Mon Feb 22 2021 12:50 PM
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 117
CayoRV Offline OP
Shop Shark
Just wondering what you fella's might think the average shop might charge to pull an original 216 and 3 speed and have it replaced with a 235 and a 5 speed T5? Major parts, the motor and trans would be supplied but any small parts, clutch, gaskets and such would be added charge.
I have a friend who wants his 51 AD done and I don't have the time or the space to help him. He has asked a couple of shops but hasn't gotten their estimates yet. I do all my own stuff
but don't have a clue what a shop might charge.
Any guesses?


Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398400 Mon Feb 22 2021 05:11 PM
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 713
CayoRV Wouldn't have any idea,but alot 4or 5 thousand guessing. In the first place a lot of these parts are antiques that are questionable on quality. Bore the block,hit sandholes,head needs hard seats,guides it takes a pile of parts, That is why a lot of bolters do their own work. It mostly gets done in stages because it is hard to get all the parts at once. that job will take serious driveline work too. Maybe others will chime-in and recommend a shop in your area. Good Luck !!

Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398401 Mon Feb 22 2021 05:37 PM
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 117
CayoRV Offline OP
Shop Shark
He already has had an early 60's 235 rebuilt by a local and very reputable shop and he has a pretty low mileage T5 from an S10. I told him he would need an open dif rear (S10) which he is in the process of getting now. What he's looking for is an idea of the installation cost a garage might charge. He wants to be driving it in the spring and I would normally be able to help a buddy out but life has just gotten in the way so I just figured I'd see what I could find out for him. I'm guessing he'll be looking at a couple of grand anyway.

Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398402 Mon Feb 22 2021 05:51 PM
Joined: Jun 2004
Posts: 8,393
If I could have charged what these shops charge now when I had a shop, I would be filthy rich. I 'm like Fixite, i would imagine 4-5 grand on up. There will be 1G in parts.
Then the quality of work will not likely be like if a guy was doing it himself.

They say money can't buy happiness. It can buy old Chevy trucks though. Same thing.

1972 Chevy c10 Cheyenne Super
Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398408 Mon Feb 22 2021 07:14 PM
Joined: Sep 2013
Posts: 1,175
Sounds like your bud's on the right track. My suggestion is get ALL the parts together including the clutch/pressure plate package that's compatible with the proper length input shaft for the T5, the shifter he wants to run along new motor mounts and all the other ancillary parts needed. Unless you find a shop like Coilover (forum name) has in Tx or someone like Hotrod Lincoln (forum member) to do the work, they won't have any idea where to buy parts or the special mostly lost knowledge to do the job. It's expensive to pay for a shops OJT.

One of the down sides to bringing in your own parts is it knocks the shop out of their markup profit and they'll (very likely) not provide warranty since parts weren't sourced from their vendors.

In you friends shoes, I'd find an employee of a good Old shop that works on the side. Make sure he does the work in a space that can't be tied up too long (incentive to get it finished and gone). Best would be have a completion time as part of the deal. And never pay up front.

If you figure a shop taking one week (40 hours) to do the work labor only and $100 per hour shop rate, then $4k is easy to expect. Most individuals doing side work I'd think would do the job for about half or $2k in my neck of the woods.

Good Luck

1951 3600 with Clark flatbed, T5, 4.10 rear
1970 340 Duster
1990 5.0 V8 Miata (1990 Mustang Gt Drivetrain)
1951 Farmall Super A

Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398416 Mon Feb 22 2021 08:04 PM
Joined: Oct 2006
Posts: 117
CayoRV Offline OP
Shop Shark
Great suggestion moparguy. I know a couple of guys who do some side work. I'll send him that direction.


Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398417 Mon Feb 22 2021 08:09 PM
Joined: May 2005
Posts: 8,246
Sir Searchalot
I agree with many of the comments.
I guess if someone here wants to estimate what a shop would estimate..............what's that worth?

Most would not want to guaranty anything when using someone else's parts. So if there is a problem, you will fight with them and they will say we told you we don't guaranty. Just find a guy like yourself who does it part time and does have time and space. If you take it to a shop, you may not see it for two years and the "estimate" will definitely double because you are a hostage.


This is a 100% DIY Website and that is a 100% DIY job. Many here have done all that you mention to the era of truck you mention. The shop has not done any. None of it is difficult especially with advice from Stovebolt. Buying a cherry picker and a few gaskets and clutch is 99% cheaper than a shop. Surely you have time to go to his house once in a while to direct him.

I am definitely not bad mouthing mechanics, they are valuable people. But shops? well............

If the truck is at his house and the motor and trans are at his house, I guess he has the space.

Watch out for careful drivers!!!
I'm away on an ego trip. Will be back on Feb 30.
I'm not an Auto Mechanic, but I play one on TV.
I charge $0.02 for every opinion and I take Paypal.
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Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398418 Mon Feb 22 2021 08:20 PM
Joined: Dec 2014
Posts: 246
I like to do stuff like that but even when I do it for myself it usally costs more than I thought. Little problems come up and it takes time to get it right.Sometimes parts are wrong and takes awhile just to figure out what will work.

Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398431 Mon Feb 22 2021 11:08 PM
Joined: Mar 2008
Posts: 2,022
I would suggest he try to find a shop that specializes in vintage or Hot Rods. Most general repair shops aren't going to take the time necessary to do it right or it'll just get pushed to the corner and forgotten about.

If you can find a car club, there may be an old timer looking for something to do or someone willing to help out.

1954 3600 Chevy Truck
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Re: Cost ?
CayoRV #1398439 Tue Feb 23 2021 01:18 AM
Joined: Mar 2019
Posts: 1,275
Good advice from Whitedog. But another option might be to find a small 2 car garage to rent. It would also be a place to store parts while collecting em. Then start the surgery himself. If hes capable that is? Tools and shop equipment are another issue also. At $300 a month or less, that would be $3600 for a year at most. I obviously talking about a private space that da homeowner wouldnt care if project work was performed. And he would also have da confidence in what work was exactly done,. Not to mention , gain some knowledge in da process. Thats worth, probably more than da rent. Ha. Just food for thought.

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