As you may have seen, Hardshell, John Lucas, Paul and I have labored to bring the new Gallery Forums online! Please check them out and add your trucks. We have stopped taking submissions to the old Gallery and are transitioning to the forum-based Gallery. This will be the place to showcase your trucks -- basket cases, projects, drivers, show stoppers and trailer queens. If it's your Stovebolt, we want to see it in whatever condition it is and know its story!

If you'd like to add your trucks, first read the Gallery Guide and follow the instructions for content and format before adding your truck. We have a specific format for the thread titles (to make them easy to sort) and for the write up (to make sure you are complete wink. Submissions that do not conform to the instructions will not be accepted. If you need examples, go look in the old Gallery (menu bar at the top of the page), or look at the examples already posted.

Note: These forums are for displaying your trucks, not for a lot of discussion (that goes in the regular forums). This is a new way of using the forums and we will probably need to tweak things as we go along so thanks in advance for your patience!



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'49 Chevrolet 3804