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Fixing the old truck

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Jan 21st, 2020
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Joined: Nov 2018
Posts: 26
This post is several years old and the OP has not been back since 2021. It is being preserved for posterity, but further commentary isn't needed.

I was looking to start an old truck project and was having no real luck in finding what I wanted. That's until I stumbled upon this beaut.

It seems that a good friend of mine's older brother (who I didn't know) purchased it from a local farmer who blew the motor after 29 years and parked it. He bought it when he was 13 years old and dropped a used 235 in. He gave it a coat of paint (originally that mustard yellow), got it running and drove it.

Not wanting this as his daily driver back then, he went, like we all did, right into the muscle car phase.

Needless to say, the truck has been garage kept ever since he bought it back in 1965 and only driven during parades up until I purchased it in 2018. To say is clean is an under statement. She has her beauty marks but for 85, she ain't doing to bad.

I want something I can drive so I am updating the front and rear suspension and new 400hp small block w/ a Muncie 4 speed. I am going to keep the exterior as is. I haven't done a car / truck project in a long time so it will be fun.

Thanks for listening!!

Attached Images
my 1936 Chevy 1.JPG (51.4 KB, 233 downloads)
my 1936 Chevy 2.JPG (52.67 KB, 236 downloads)
my 1936 Chevy 3.JPG (51.05 KB, 232 downloads)
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1936 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup
Joined: Mar 2019
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Looks awesome. Does da 235 run now? Drive it if so. Tons of upgrades for em also. Drive it as is while your gathering parts. Might be more fun than you think. Regardless. I love it. Keep us posted.

Joined: Apr 2005
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Welcome to the Stovebolt madness. There is no cure! shake

We have a separate forum for hotrod projects such as your. Lots of knowledge in the HiPo Forum.

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Joined: Feb 2019
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Nice truck and great story! Welcome to the “Bolt”. I agree with Glenn. Drive it for awhile, it may grow on you.

Last edited by Phak1; Tue Jan 12 2021 01:16 PM.

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very cool truck!

Another quality post.
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Joined: Nov 2018
Posts: 26
yes she still purred like a 85 year old kitten lol my wife and i have enjoyed it over the past two years and all(most) the parts are in place for the rebirth.

1936 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup
Joined: Jan 2020
Posts: 707
Beautiful.....I agree with Glenn & Phak. Drive it and have fun, it is your dream so do with it as you please. However from someone that has had many, many trucks and cars I only once sold one (modified), and broke even. The rest I lost money on and they were completely perfect. Old original or close to original brings far more money. I tell someone that wants a hot rod to go fiberglass and original cab if possible or just all glass. Never lost, always get my money and more out of it. Nearly 100 year old stock anything gets the bids up. Doc.

Currently making 1954 3100 better than new and Genetics
Joined: Nov 2004
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Very nice find. thumbs_up Thanks for posting your pics.


J Lucas
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Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 5,646
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This is a good candidate for the HiPo shop.

With a "400hp small block w/ a Muncie 4 speed" dropped in. Ya think? grin

Peggy M
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Joined: Jul 2018
Posts: 198
As far as looks, it’s perfect already.
What a stylish look they had.
The color and age is perfect!

1954 Chevy 3100 w. ‘59 235 - 261 project engine
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Hotrodding a well-preserved classic like that should get somebody 30 days in the electric chair!


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Joined: Jan 2019
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Just as a reminder, this is the HiPo forum. Explcitly for performance upgrades.

Secondly, this thread is several years old. It has come to the top due to some backend maintenance but the OP has not logged in since 2021.

From the Rocky Mountains?
Check in with the RM Bolters!

HiPo Forum Moderator

1958 Apache, long bed Fleetside, V8 w/SM420
Driveable but the rear axle needs work.

1959 Apache, long bed Fleetside that has been in the family for 25 years but in desperate need of love.
Joined: Apr 2005
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It still has a lot of termite food so frame flex with a higher torque engine could be a problem.A 400hp small block will have a radical cam, high compression, and get 12mpg on a good day. You can get a bone stock LS/LT with 400hp that idles baby butt smooth and gets 20 plus mpg if any of this means anything. Your wife can drive it to the store and let it idle with the a-c going.

Joined: Aug 2019
Posts: 123
I couldn't see hot riding either. She's a beauty.

1949 3100
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