25 years ago today, I uploaded the basic structure of what is now, thanks to all of *you*, the premier website for antique truck enthusiasts!

I remember it because it was somewhat a hectic day. I had created the site as a learning exercise -- I had been tasked with creating a web site for Marine Corps Base Hawaii. I had asked one of my LCPL's to help with the project and while we didn't become the first USMC base website (Camp Pendleton beat us to the 'Net), we were the second. He learned by creating some site for something and I did "The Stovebolt Page" As for the MCB Hawaii site, we beat the official USMC web site, btw. At any rate, I hurried to get everything finished and uploaded prior to the Marine Corps Ball (at the Hilton Hawaiian Village "Pacific Ballroom" where we had approx 10,000 attendees that evening. I was the narrator for the event and I was still practicing the script and getting my dress blues together while I waited for the pages (all six of them ...) to upload. Phone modems ... remember them?

Anyway, the rest is history. It's been a great 25 years and we wouldn't be here except for all of you. A few shouts outs, though, are in order. If there was a Mount Rushmore for Stovebolt.com, these are the faces that would be on it:

Paul Schmehl
Barry Weeks
Charlie Hardin
Tom Brownell
Pete Kenny
Jim Carter

Thanks to all for great times, great friendship, great advice and projects and a lot of fun over the years. Let's do 25 more!

***** And for those interested, Don (2-Ton) has our anniversary logo (look in the right top corner of this page) available as a sticker. Contact him via PM if you'd like to get one. *****


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